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entry Feb 21 2022, 07:56 PM
I confess that I did rather assume the summons from Herbert Thoughtgood for Tarquin and I would be a waste of our time (indeed I did fear it was some strategem to get me away from Telmen's Slope and leave Ar exposed with just Harpell to protect her; I took her with me to ensure her safety) but how wrong I was. He had remarkably located elements of Razcar in which, he surmised, the Aspects might still remain trapped. His researches in the cathedral had located both a Rite of Transportation and a Rite of Consecration.

Having sanctified the Rite of Transportation with fire and incense Tarquin and I led a band to Razcar itself. I could not believe we were returning after so very many years but my joy was short lived as it was clear on arrival that her whose name I shall not mention had obtained great power over the realm. We arrived at a shrine to Cope. As far as we could discern a mis-spelling sometime over the last few decades had led to some confusion. Over such matters would other faiths (St Michael) tear themselves apart on doctrinal niceties but when you worship the one true god such points are irrelevant.

We fought our way through various horrors including lizardmen (oh the memories) to a township called Swampville. We were horrified to discover that they only kept the predations of the lizardmen at bay by making regular monthly sacrifices. They had clearly lost hope and were falling into deep despair. The armies of the lizardmen were too much for us to take on there and then but we will return. It was a sad moment to have to leave them but I believe we left in them the spark of hope that we would return. I believe Yorso is already planning to return.

We were able to reconsecrate a minor altar to Talthar in the mountains above Swampville before pressing on deeper into Razcar.

From the hills we could see a village surrounded by two wardings clearly laid down by her whose name I shall not mention and so we set off to the village. The wardings themselves were powerfully set the outermost being an unholy Greater Ward and the inner some complex undead generator. Of course no matter how devious her plans and wardings might be Hope always finds the way and we were able to pass through and into the village (called Hope).

The populace were, as with Swampville, bereft of hope itself and under some influence from her but again it was clear that we were not in a position then to deal with it and so we pressed on through the village (and back out across the wardings) towards an obvious shrine in the foot hills beyond.

Our way was obstructed by a rag tag collection of undead, spirits of causing and malice priests who were shown the error of their ways. As we reached the shrine itself we came under attach from a variety of powerful undead seemingly being generated so I donned the Cloak of Turquiel and headed in amongst them to locate the various generators. In my searches I stumbled across the centre of the shrine and Aven be praised Elbrime himself. As is to be expected Elbrime was in a temper and I fear his temper was not improved when rather than staying and talking I made my apologies and hurried off in search of generators. I thought it would be better, in any event, for his Emissary to be the first to speak with him after all these years.

I have not had time to catch up with Tarquin about his conversations with Elbrime but there followed a most drawn out Rite of Consecration as Galdor and 7 others sought to re-consecrate the shrine. We were not however left in peace with this task as malice priests and their minions tumbled out of the hills to assail us. Within a very short time both Tarquin and Quintus had been laid low and Oliver had scooped them up and taken them off for afternoon tea leaving Auralious, Niklaus and I to fend off the horde. Suffice to say we succeeded in keeping them off long enough for Galdor to complete the ritual although I might encourage him to practice and see if he can shave some time off his ritualising for next time.

Elbrime was released from his torpor and began to re-empower himself and having ascertained that time was required for him to regain his former power and having bid farewell to Tarquin who had resolved to remain behind I Word of Recalled us back to the Cathedral and have now returned to Telmen's Slope. I am sure Harpell will be delighted to hear of the discovery of a taller balder version of himself.

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