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> Ask the GSM!
post May 24 2019, 10:25 AM
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In Totemic Guardians benefits if a guild member's Shaman / Witchdoctor is not on adventure you can give another Shaman / Witchdoctor there spirits / mana.

Well what I am asking is if your a Tribal Druid who gains fetches from people give power to Shaman / Witchdoctor then could they benefit from the guilds benefit gaining earth power from other members.


No, because the tribal druid thing is a long way form being established.
If more tribes had druids then I would not be against allowing it in the future.

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post May 28 2019, 03:47 PM
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I may have missed this topic in my search and if so, apologies.

if I follow a multirace that means that I take 1/6 less physical damage per lvl and am immune by the end of it, what effect does this have on my ability to deal physical damage?


When you are greater than 1/2 effect you are at -2 max damage for powerbase.
When you become immune you can't inflict it.

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post May 29 2019, 09:02 AM
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If you are in a Berserk Rage if someone could over come your impressive resistance levels with a Mastery or Domination effect what are the effects broadly based on what the effect does...

Beguile - I assume you would still attack them because you would attack your best friend...

Sp. Mastery - Can they order you out of the rage or just order you to attack new targets?

Possession or similar - the default position is stop and do nothing and not use any abilities so I assume this just ends the Rage?


It depends on the domination.

Beguile you'd probably leave them alone, after all you are unlikely to consider them a threat.
Spiritual Mastery you do what you are told, but if its not very direct and obvious the rage would still be relevant.

Possession (and thrall) the puppet effect wins.

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post May 29 2019, 02:16 PM
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Is it possible to MR to jade elf and onyx elf using aligned elf MR asl long as we are able to provide the rules for it??


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post Jun 3 2019, 07:34 PM
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Am sure this has been asked before.

Armoured Priest says, may wear light and medium armour, they may acquire the ability to wear heavier later.

But no ability appears to be published.

However, would multi classing warrior, now allow the use of heavy armour, even though the general rules state that the disbenefits carry over of one class carry over to the other.


it has been answered before, and it is a little more complicated.

Armour use falls into two areas.

A Character is restricted to wearing XXX (So pure priests no armour, Druids, Psi-Classes etc.). This is a class restriciton

A character has the ability to wear XXX (Priests, Wizards and most others).

The first is a restriction so multi-classing doesn't help. The second isn't, so you can.

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post Jun 5 2019, 01:30 PM
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Hi Lee,

If when making a hermit list I we're to take pure force and later decided to take a major sphere, would I need to take major foce to keep it, or would I be able to major sphere something else and still be able to keep it?



You can take a different sphere.

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post Jun 5 2019, 03:25 PM
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Would a character gone spiritual mancer and then MR Spiritual Vessel, would they still be able to heal elves?

no, they would do spirit and spirit based mantic.

Like an elf can't kill a wight with a mantic sword.


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post Jun 14 2019, 12:53 PM
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How do priests and using magic items work these days?

Is it:

1) They can't.
2) They can but can't use spiritual stuff while carrying
3) They don't get utilise magic item, but if they MC to something that does they're ok
4) A.N.Other option


As it says in the rules they don't get utilise magic item, and can't get it without entering the wizard bracket.

If you are a class that goes priest you can still use them.


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