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Labyrinthe Forum _ General Discussion - OOC _ Knights and In Purity!

Posted by: Jack Sep 6 2017, 09:55 AM

Hey Peeps!

This weekend we have 2 guild specials going ahead but both could do with a couple more players and definitely some more monsters!

I cant say too much on the In Purity as I havent played any of them, however they do have the fabulous Alan reffing - what more could you want from a saturday???

The Knights could really use a monster or two, otherwise im just going to get beaten to death by Lee... This is part of an ongoing campaign that has, roleplay, tough stats, cool set pieces and of course it wouldnt be a Lee Dale dungeon if it didnt have various belts as wardings!

So be a team player - either a scourge of the undead, and hero of Legend - or the evil mastermind with his various minions!



Posted by: Fionamullin Sep 6 2017, 10:06 AM

And I know the kotl could do with someone other than me to roleplay with 🙂

Posted by: OxMatt Sep 6 2017, 01:19 PM





P.S. On a serious note, yes please to monsters/players for the KOTL. I've played a grand total of once this year, I think - possibly twice. Help me make it three times lucky....

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