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Posted by: sonof May 28 2014, 12:04 PM

As I said in the “mission statement” post I don’t want to engage in a mass clarification, but there are a few things I think need changing and want to get it done at the start of things, so here we go:

1) Varial Caster. Dan can finally get his way. It is being removed as of now. If people need to respend it come and see myself or Duncan. I am happy to arrange small respend of recently purchased abilities so people can buy up casting levels to keep casting the spells they want, or to respend spells. The reason behind this is pretty simple. It makes it far too easy to cast high level spells. It will become apparent from future posts that I believe the curve of mana cost to casting level is an important one.

2) The Webdale rule. As one D wins, one D loses. It is a silly rule and is all Fromants fault. If Trufts abilities were so unreasonable he should have been clarified and not the poor brown power master. I would like to remind people that to use fore arm (or any) parry you need to be able to move freely. So an Iron skin would normally prevent forearm parry.

3) Powercast, Force of Magic/faith, and force of arms. All of these are being removed. Simply put they open far too many abuses, such as Shower of flames. Force of arms means that spending points on damage reductions becomes pointless and the Warrior/brown wizard becomes king rather than the battle master. I am aware this will result in some respends. If you are simply losing the ability then any desk staff or senior ref can sign it off. If it involves changing an ability then please see me to check it.
This also applies to any other “inflict a minimum amount of damage ability”. In this case please bring them to me for checking and most likely respending/adjusting.
With regards to abilities based on force of arms please bring them to me for checking.

4) Blade Rune – Vorpal Wounding – In light of the above it is changed so that the force of arms aspect is removed. Instead it now means that 1 point of damage inflicted per damage grade cannot be healed until the next dawn. EG if you are inflicting Quad then 4 points of it cannot be healed. If a person can reduce the damage below 4 points then anything suffered is permanent.

5) Numerical damage reductions. The system limit for numerical damage reduction is now 12 points. I’ll be open this is in the same as the system limit for max a/c is 12. I am not going to say it is impossible to use your 10k gift to exceed it, but it is the territory of 10k gifts. On the subject of numerical reductions if you have a permanent numerical reduction above 6 points I would like to see it. I’m not going to take it away I actually want to see what restrictions you have on it so I can be fair to everyone going forward.

6) Battle-master. The restriction of being table 10 to begin this class is removed. You can start it as soon as you want. I’ve gone through a few spends with this and I can’t see any problems that it creates. If something unforeseen happens then this will get reviewed. Hopefully this will help to make warriors below table 10 a bit more playable without points apps.

7) Items of fore-arm/leg parry. Please email the booking line if you have one, and let them know the item number and when it was from (roughly). This will let Duncan check how many ISP were put into it. Then it will either be counter signed as OK if it is, or a suitable replacement will be issued. Going forward setting forearm parry as an item will cost 16isp.

8) Dealer. After consideration if you want to use it (or any other flexi isp) to get points abilities you can, but they must be ones you could buy (class, table etc.). Also I’d remind people that doing things like taking 1/ever items with temporary isp isn’t acceptable, you just can’t do it.

There will also be separate posts about Instant Degeneration and Ivory Warrior.

I think it is also worth mentioning Grull pools. They are becoming more common. If I catch people with a grull pool I will simply take all of their grulls off them. If they get caught a second time they will be banned from having grulls and any grull based equipment. It’s not difficult to keep grulls separated between characters so let’s do?

Finally the signing on of points apps. For anything I have passed it can be signed on by myself or a member of the management (Duncan and Kat). Hopefully this will mean people can keep up to date on cards. For previous GSM’s points apps it needs to be signed on by me. This is to let me check it and make sure I am happy with it. If you have an old Jan points app you are basing your spend around then you might want to show it to me before you plan around it. Likewise if you are thinking now is a good time to open folder C it probably isn’t.


Posted by: sonof Jun 2 2014, 10:34 AM


Ivory warrior. After the discussions on it a lot of cool idea's have come out. Some of these will end up in the new Wizards Grimoire. For now the changes will be:

Ivory Warrior now has a flat duration of 30 minutes regardless of the number of runes cast.

Degen and Instant Degen. For the present nothing will change but they will get amended in the new Words from Above.


Posted by: sonof May 17 2016, 01:55 PM

As I mentioned almost two years ago (wow) when the new books came out I would be looking at more things than my initial list, and we have books so here they are:

My backstab isn't backstab - if you have an ability that changes your backstab to masteries/base damage/anything like this please bring it to me. It will all but certainly be removed.

Perm spell shields, or any ability that means you can cast enhanced spell shield without casting a spell shield. Again this will probably be removed.

Combining power bases. Magic and spirit is fine. Anything that lets you add a power to/with EP will most likely be removed. Adding neuronic to magic or spirit, again this is likely to be removed. Adding magic or spirit to neuronics, it is potentially ok but needs checking (for example spirit/psi purity of mind is unlikely).
Slayers/anything damage outside of a 10k gift or demon slayer style abilities (eg only vs undead)
Non-published advocacy abilities.
Anything that knocks on to other players (obvious ones are I count as 3 of X on the same sheet as you get extra life from X is ok for you, but it could then be used by someone else so I need to check).
‎Retro's passed by a GSM other than me. They are highly likely to be changed depending on their nature.

I would also remind people about the 12 point damage reduction limit, removal of force of arms/abilities that inflict minimum damage/cut through everything.


Posted by: sonof Mar 20 2018, 07:44 PM

So another two years (aiyee) but:

Trolls - Sorry you can't learn Neuronics it was missed off.
The Beats within Conclave - The creators (animals) clearly counted on their fingers and got it wrong so please add:

Spiders silk
Ears of the Wolf
Pumas Speed

to the list. And yes Cats grace is 3ep not 4.

Ley believer/hanger on ~ These cannot be set as items without GSM approval. Temp/other ISP to get them mean the individual must buy the relevant ability, or otherwise cover it, and only work on guild speicals. So..
10 points short of Hanger on to Earthern Conclave and the Maestro gives you an item, and you buy it off the dungeon. OK
10 points shoft of 1st level priest, so you use a dealer to gain ley believer and at the end of the dungeon go level 1 priest. OK

Broadly don't abuse it, and play fair with it.

"only hit" races. please rememebr the restrictions on them, especially how this owrks to using PAC.
And on this lines you must always be able to suffer damage from at least one power base (Physical, magical, Spiritual, Neuronic) or you die. So no being a spiritless, immune to neuronics, immortal that casts Mana shield.

EP generally generates a physical effect, so immortals with the upgrade ar eprobably immune to beneficial EP. Not always, but generally.

(Hoping its 2 more years before I do this).

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