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> Rise of the Betrayer King, Sellaville
post Jun 1 2018, 12:14 PM
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It was a beautiful starlit night and close to midnight as the Half Orc Iziah Bones approached the secret tunnel that would lead to down to the caverns where he would need to collect a specific status report for Ragminion.

The Imperial Strategist and military genius Warsire of the Wraiths of the 28th Imperial Legion had seen fit to fund Radus Hylos’ ritual experimentation on behalf of the 28th but insisted on regular reports to know just where his tavern money was going.

Iziah secretly though that ‘Minion never actually read the reports and just insisted on them to wind up the budding Magiarch but it was his job to get them and collect them he would, eventually. He was already half a day late but no matter, like all good orcs he preferred to travel at night under cover of Dark and the uppity ritualist was unlikely to complain to his face about his tardiness.

All of a sudden the hairs on the back of his neck stood up and the whiskers that protruded from his nostrils twitched. Something wasn’t right. His tusks began to ache in his jaw and he knew that familiar feeling that without fail steered him clear of dangerous situations. He stopped and slunk into the shadows, disappearing out of sight. He sniffed the air but smelt nothing out of place. Just then it seemed, for an instant, as if every star in the heavens above exploded into a nova of light, each momentarily burning as bright as the sun, leaving him temporarily blinded.

After a minute or two when his vision had recovered he began to continue his journey with even more snuffler caution but with each step his whiskers just became more and more twitchy and he knew that he was getting closer to more and more danger. Eventually his Orken nature overtook his sense of Imperial duty, besides the sense of certain death, and getting himself killed wouldn’t help anyone. It might amuse Minion, but it wouldn’t help.

There was an old, mostly rundown Imperial Wayfort relatively close, he could be there well before Dawn if he ran and if there was one things Orcs were good at was running… Everyone thought it was Goblins who were masters of the run. So, the little [----] ran well, but were only good at a sprint. Over distance an Orc would outpace every other humanoid.


So it was that on Maii 26 th IM 1018 that Iziah Bones found himself at half past the tenth hour in “Stoneheart’s Hearth” a pleasant enough Tavern renamed in memory of House Stoneheart’s successful efforts to save Sellaville in the dark times when it had been cast into the Mittlenacht. He’d quickly procured a Hiring licence and was about to send some mostly inexperienced, and therefore expendable, mercenaries off to find out what had happened.

He was quite surprised by the mix amongst which were three Troll Warriors, three Ghouls, two Dark Alfar, some druids, mages and a surprisingly sturdy looking Faery Warrior.

Unfortunately there were some Ishmaics amongst the mix but that couldn’t really be helped although, on the dark side, they were just extra expendables. He pointed them off to Quartz, the Quarry settlement, as it would be the simplest way for them to reach the outpost without him divulging his own secret entrances, and then went to get a good day’s sleep
and await their return.


It was still daylight as Iziahwas was woken by the mercenaries who had returned having not only discovered what had happened but also rescued a clearly irate Radus, who seemed less than his usual smug self.

He’d offered the mercenaries G2,000 each but given they had come back with a pretty extensive report as to what had happened and had rescued Radus, he had thought screw it, and paid them G3,000 each. Besides it was going to come straight out of Radus’ pay anyway and that just felt good.

Apparently some Orc tribe called the “Saint Martins” or something, the Mercenaries weren’t too clear on that or their Shaman, had managed to call a ritual strike down on the outpost, killing every single Legionnaire of the 28th within, all except somewhat suspiciously Radus who had managed to survive. Still he could explain letting his men die to ‘Minion himself. The starflare that had blinded him had been, in some way part of the ritual strike but that was only the opening salvo in an attack by the Orcs who wiped out those who had not been caught in the strike, sparing some local craftsmen and peons who had been there at the time.

Iziah picked his snout. It seemed that his whiskers had steered him clear of certain death once more. There was still one problem though. In the aftermath of the strike Radu’s experiment had escaped. The Mercenaries reported that the experiment had in part been contained by some Shaman on a hill. Although he sensed that the Trolls seemed a little bit less than pleased with the mention of the Shaman and suspected that the directions they gave him to this hill were probably about as reliable as a promise by Shaderos Del’s Det…

Still job done, he could get Radus to make his report and excuses in person and he could find something more interesting to do like drink. That was good plan. Let someone else worry about the missing experiment…

Will Power - plot@labyrinthe.co.uk
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