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Posted by: RichFromant Jan 9 2017, 09:10 AM

Things have all settled back down in to the normal routine of things now and we looking ahead to a busy year of events.

As I have said previously, we are keen to ensure that there is an open event nearly every weekend day at the caves. These are on the event diary for the next few months and I would ask all refs to have a look through them and if there is one they are free book to ref it. Having a ref booked in advanced for a dungeon makes it so much more likely to fill up with players and crew.

On to this week’s event, which is just the weekend for a change!

An open Max 3k being reffed by Lee with Fi as his a-ref. Somewhat surprisingly this currently only has 2 people booked on to it so far! No monsters yet either so get booking either way.

A max 2k Mortai guild special. The first part of a campaign being reffed by Will P, it has the luxury of an a-ref and 3 monsters already, there is currently 5 player spaces left as well. Paul D is organising, so chat to him or see the Mortai board for more info.

An Open Max 1500. In a reverse of fortunes from Saturdays dungeon, this one has lots of players but currently no ref or crew. So, importantly: WE NEED A REF. As well as an a-ref and ideally at least 2 monsters to make this run. Please book on if you are interested to avoid me having to spend time this week pestering people in to it!

A Council of Jade Guild Special. Being reffed by Duncan, as an a-ref and couple of monster as well as a full complement of players. Am sure 1 more monster would be appreciated, although the 1500 needs it more 

Further Ahead
The next Tuesday dungeon is on the 17th January, is a max 1500 being reffed by Giles. It currently only has 4 plavers vs 4 crew, so some more players would definitely be good!

Tribal Themeday is on the 21st January, big 2 party affair for all things fury.

22nd January is the first of the Port Meire final dawn follow on dungeons to try and save the city from the mittlenacht. Being reffed by Rebecca, the details are here: Info
The next part is on the 18th February, it could really do with an a-ref and monsters that are able to help out on both.

28th January seems to have become campaign day, with the first part of Gordon and Claudia’s Starfall campaign, Part 2 of Sean’s “Its about time” campaign and the first part of an In Purity campaign being reffed by Tim D

If the 28th wasn’t busy enough, Sunday the 29th January has the big Knights end of year 2 party dungeon happening as well as Having a LARP being down and trading that day.

Rumours and Gossip
Plans are in motion for regular overlands later in the year at Buckmore Park. We have a list of dates already and I will be doing a separate post about them later this month.

In case you missed it over the weekend, Giles has completed the latest addition of the Primal Times including fall out from the final dawn, it can be downloaded here:

A big thank you to those who over the weekend spent a lot of time cleaning, tidying and repairing things. In particular to Ed I, Ed H, Stacey, Laura, and Tim T for their work in the armoury, the tavern, the desk area and fixing the blown lights. Can people please make sure they bring any rubbish out with them and try and keep the caves tidy.

Following on from the above cleaning, there is a large number of lost property bits behind the desk as well as a lot of peoples kit left in and around the cubby holes. If it is yours please claim it and take it home. I am desking again in February and anything still sitting there then may not be by the end of that day!

In the pub (and admittedly after his 2 pint limit for official business) Lee was talking about hosting Gaffa weapon repair/making lessons for the armoury staff which will hopefully lead to more weapons in the armoury.

Posted by: RichFromant Jan 10 2017, 11:52 AM

Leo has kindly stepped in to ref Sunday's open 1500, he could really do with some monsters to help him out. Is a party with a lot of experienced players on it so could really do with a decent number of crew to add to the challenge.

Players still needed for Saturday's 3k as well, has an a-ref and ref so only really needs 6 players to run, so a good chance for a fun small party dungeon

Posted by: RichFromant Jan 12 2017, 09:02 AM

So, a bit of an update before Duncan makes any final decisions for the weekend.

Saturdays Max 3k, being reffed by Lee with Fi as his a-ref. Ideally needs a couple more players to ensure this runs. Rumour has it Cotter may even come monster.

Saturdays 1500, is down to 8 players but now has Isteed reffing with BBB as his a-ref. Ideally needs at least 1 monster to ensure this runs without players booking off.

If you are free to do any of them please book on!

Also, Tuesday club next week needs some more players as well, as it has plenty of crew.

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