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Posted by: RichFromant Dec 12 2016, 09:32 AM

Another busy weekend just gone at the caves, lots of people won cool and interesting things on the tombola, the Christmas single length was suitably silly and a lot of fun was had at the Christmas drinks.

There are still some tombola envelopes left in the big black bucket, we are giving crew the chance to buy these first as an extra reward for their help, as follows:
If you are crewing all day Thursday you can buy up to 7
If you are crewing all day Saturday you can buy up to 7 before 10am, at 10am they go on sale to all that days or Thursday’s players to a max of 5.
Any left will go on general sale from midday, to a max of 2 if not doing anything at the caves that day.
Envelopes are £2 each, can contain potions, items, points, grulls etc and are on a first come first serve basis.

This week currently not looking as busy, especially Sunday where we are in need of a ref for the one dungeon booked, or if someone fancies organising something else then get in touch. Plenty of guilds still need their guild specials before the year end!

On to the actual events themselves

The last Thursday dungeon of the year, a max 7.5k reffed by Sam M as part of his ongoing campaign. Is a triple length, currently has 6 players, an a-ref and 1 monster, so plenty of room on both sides. A good chance for those on a final dawn points grab or who want to buy more tombola envelopes!

A max 10k Final Dawn lead up, being reffed by Lee with his glamorous assistant Fi. Chance to get a feel of what to expect over the final dawn event from the plot and the players. Could do with a couple more monsters to help out.

An open 1500, is a full house! Have all the players and crew with Greenaway reffing. If you did want to be added to a waiting list drop Duncan an email

A lonely looking 750, currently only 4 players and 1 monster. If people keen for this to run get booking on. Ref and a-ref needed, can probably help out with a dungeon as well.

Space for something else if people are keen and can convince/con someone in to reffing!

Rich Eden reffing a 1500 Tuesday Club dungeon, has an a-ref and 4 monsters already but only 7 players if people want to come down for a fun evening of danger and pizza.

Further Ahead
Final Dawn is now just over 2 weeks ago and refs are busy writing far more plot then we stand a chance of completing! Is currently 1 player space available and loads of room for monsters. All the details here: Final Dawn Info
Final Payment was due this weekend, if you haven't already paid please do so ASAP to avoid me having to chase you
A fair few people I have spoken to are going to try and make it down for 1 day to monster, if you do know which already then let me know, but people should also feel free just to turn up on the day to monster. The more the merrier!

In to next year, we have the Tribal Themeday on the 21st January, is full on players but needs some crew. You will also get your chance to buy off the Themeday monster table if you crewing this event.

Player and crew lists are up for all the 3 days, 4 days and myths next year. Plenty of space and most events, see the separate forum for details. I will be adding the player lists for the 2-days some point this week as well

This will probably be my last weekly update till after Christmas, so hope you all have a good one and look forward to seeing a lot of you for the Final Dawn

Rumours and Gossip
For those that the missed the Christmas drinks there was plenty of fun had in the Bickley, some stylish and blinding (Literally in the case of Mr Witts!) xmas jumpers, our GSM dancing with Cotter, and general merriment smile.gif Big thanks to Fi for organising, although she has ruled herself out of organising next years!

Speaking of the pub, it is closed for a private booking this Saturday so no trip there after caves. We will however probably be heading to The Crooked Billet Harvester Saturday night for some drinks and food there if people wish to come along.

Thanks to all those who completed the Customer Survey over the last 2 weeks, Kat and Duncan will be reviewing them all this week. An announcement will be made of who is the lucky winner of the 24/8 item.

Posted by: RichFromant Dec 15 2016, 11:37 AM

The Final Dane lead up on Saturday is still in need of a couple more monsters to ensure it is suitable dangerous. If anyone can help out please do book on. Will be suitable even if you aren't able to monster the Final Dawn itself

Posted by: Ozmundo Dec 15 2016, 09:32 PM

Down to play on the Sunday but willing to Monster /assist ref if required.

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