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Labyrinthe Forum _ Church of Dead Heroes _ Grand Temple of the Heroes of the Sea

Posted by: Naga Jun 27 2019, 10:21 AM


I have currently got permission and the plans have been approved for the Grand temple of the Heroes of the Sea in Port Miere.

Port Miere lives on the edge of the empire some call it a rock and other just stay clear of it. For many years a Cathedral was built there to primal sunlight but with Nexus not being about it has gone into become derelict .

The Sea is known to be a cruel mistress and many who travel her become lost the waves below or lose there way on the many nact and and ocean paths.

The Grand Temple will be a place to remember all who have been lost to the sea , with a Tavern called the lost sailor at it base and then rooms of remembrance to keep the stories of the all those who are lost at Sea.
High above the tavern will be a lighthouse standing tall and shining out across the bay lighting the way and pushing back the nact mists. A place for those expecting a ship to return be able to see out over the horizon to spot them returning home.

Then in the grounds of the temple a Zen style garden focusing on the tennents of faith of Tsu ling where travellers can ask for a safe journey and calm seas.

Once completed it bring the Faith of Dead heroes to the island and increased primal stability.

I ask if anyone is not busy with other church projects or there own please can you help letting all across primus of this new Grand temple and the Heroes lost beneath the waves.

Thank you
Yusaki D'treal

( OOC PCLD303 need 6 Prestige that anyone from the Church can work towards, Once complete it generates either 1 Primial Stability ,1 Fiath Dead heroes , 1 Faith Tsu ling . Up to 3 prestige can be stored in the contract. It can either be used by the COD High priest or Yusaki . I will make copies available for anyone that would like one )

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