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Labyrinthe Forum _ The Red Flower Merchant Society _ Red Flower Merchant Society - Brief

Posted by: Trickyz Sep 3 2019, 05:00 PM

To members of the Red Flower Merchant Society,

I have a very simple mission for the Red Flower Merchant Society so you probably don’t need to send anyone too competent. I have found an ancient pathway which contains much ancient power that speeds travel greatly between Amlas and the Far North. The path I believe is located close to Xenkiru in the Forbidden Lands. The path is long forgotten to history but we have lucked out and found out some information from bandits in the area that since have been executed for their dishonourable actions.

I imagine this will be a relatively simple affair of finding the path, clearing it out and securing it for our purposes.

Tenu, D’Saniyoto

Posted by: jj420 Sep 6 2019, 05:38 PM

What are you paying?


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