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> The Council of Light ((CC: PCLD471))
post Mar 31 2020, 10:11 AM
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Priests and flock of Morti,

I have, for some time since my return to Primus, been in conversation with the heads of the faiths of the pantheon of light, in an effort to allow us to focus our efforts and fight gainst the darkness.

Below are plans for the start of something, something I hope will help us all work together for a better world.

I realise that in this quiet time of reflection our minds are on other things, but as and when it comes to an end I would ask you to work toward these aims, with Lithmores blessing, so that together the churches of light are able to make a difference in the world.

The good news is, that I already have the agreement of Aven of Talthar, Tirama, of Shehan, Ashalan of the Church of the All Father, Zhara of the Lady of the Stars and of course Lithmore of your lord Morti

That gives us enough to form a council, I'm hopeful that Castiel of St Micheal and Sol of the Lingists will offer their backing too... so that means the initial formation should be easy enough. If we work together to focus our strength then achieving focus for the Light Bringers is achievable fairly quickly.

From there the council can make a difference, and thats a possitive first step.

Thereafter we can begin to build on these foundations.

If you have any questions you can address them to me privately, or assuming Lithmore grants me his blessing I will look in on what is said and reply below.

May the Light Shine Forth...



With his duties as Cartasal of the White Reach a little less onerous Harpell refocuses his attention on Primus moots an old idea of uniting the goodly faiths. Within the Holy City of Alguz is the Chamber of Light. At the heart of this structure is a chamber that transcends the normal bounds of Primus and is closer to the gods. The chamber is a multisided room with a multi-sided table.

The number of sides and seats is mystically always equal to the number of Churches in the Council plus one, so that whenever it convenes in full there is always an empty seat symbolic of there always being room for another goodly faith to join. Oddly whenever Harpell holds the Talthari seat the seat of the Lingists always manifests directly opposite…

GROUP CC CONTRACT ~ The Council of Light 1
Any goodly Priest or Paladin that belongs to a goodly Church can work towards this contract which is very much a base for future endeavours to stand against the dark.

Stage 1 ~ The Chamber of Light: To found the council and begin this contract requires at least 3 goodly churches to sign up [Notify the CC Manager]. This requires the High Priest’s public agreement (or god’s assent) and the Council’s member churches are listed in the Almanac, along with whoever holds the seat representing that faith on the council. Although usually the High Priest it could be held by another church luminary appointed by the High Priest. Each church that signs up beyond the required 3 to found the Council reduces the cost to form the council by 1 CP. Once formed the Chamber act as a Shrine suitable to Word of Recall to for any member faith.
Cost: 6 prestige (minimum 2 from dungeons)

Achieved: CC Signature Date:

Stage 2 ~ The Light Bringers: Once completed the Council nominates a Light Bearer to carry out the will of the Council (I.e. spend / use the CPs) and The Light Bearer is listed in the Almanac. It is anticipated that around each Final Dawn the Council will elect the Light Bearer for the next year.

By being able to call upon the diverse skills, resources and outlooks amongst member churches the Light Bearer is able to wield quite some influence, the precise nature of which depends on which faiths lend support e.g. Warriors from Martial Faiths, Healers from more pacifistic et cetera. When

In effect once per season (Almanac) the Light Bearer can generate 1 WP that can be applied to assist in, or resolve an issue of interest to goodly faiths or simply oppose the influence of evil faiths. To use this the player must provide a short (paragraph or so) write up of the actions.

Once the contract is complete further prestige earned may be stored and released to enhance the WP generated. A maximum of 4 additional WP can be generated each season.
Cost: +5 prestige

Achieved: CC Signature Date:

Referee’s Notes: You may choose to award 1 prestige towards this aim if the player has been exemplary in their conduct and pursuit of this goal throughout the course of the adventure.
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post Mar 31 2020, 10:20 AM
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I see no reason to not support this fully. Working together makes us stronger.

If anyone is interested in holding the seat, please do approach me. :-)

High Priest of Mortai

PS. Don't forget to continue to look for support for the Guildhall construction. And In Purity's plans.
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post Mar 31 2020, 11:15 AM
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I'm keen and would like to be considered for a spot on the council

The Redeemed
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post Mar 31 2020, 12:12 PM
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I am happy to encourage members of In Purity to support this endeavor either through their churches or to support those doing so. Hopefully, those building the Mortai grand guild hall will finish construction soon, and look forward to visiting its halls. I look forward to catching up with members of the church soon.

In purity,

Victor Somas
Life's Champion

(OOC - No interest in position on council but great idea. IMHO get grand guild hall done asap as most of other churches are well established guilds and would be great to get Mortai there especially with all these guild specials being done)

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