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> A Report on Mercenary Activities, Scarlene... ish
post Apr 28 2015, 07:33 PM
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<<copied from forums for consolidation>>

As promised, my report Sir, on what happens.

We goes to meets you at the Randy Troll, and at first thoughts I’d entered some private function.
Two foreign sorts, the ones you usually avoid were sitting at the waystation, sipping some bizarre beverage out a child’s play set of saucers. Dressed in skirts and robes, sounding more like a pair of old women, blabbering nonsense and one named “Boney” offering biscuits. I’d only eaten two cats that morning so politely accepted their odd gifts of drinks and snacks. It took all my resolution not to spit the foul stuff back out. No better that skanky ditch water. Even the rats skulking in the corners turned their nose up at it, preferring to nibble at the discarded biscuits crumbs.

Anyways, about to leaves when the room turned stuffy, oppressive, as if the very air was being sucked out of it. The rats stopped, scurried away, fled. The taste of sulphur filled the air. The floor became hot, the room silenced as the dark mistress herself, harbinger of the fires of hell, and burner of souls stepped in. With a quiet deceptively meek voice she spoke, spreading fear to the very depths of the heart of the city.

“Hi, I’m Molly”.

She surrounded herself with her bodyguards. Boring, a dwarf (might of been Gorim) and a strange man with an eye on his back. Odd place to have the 3rd eye. I made my choice; I would have to be careful around this mistress of pain and suffering. As luck would have it, the horror was quickly countered by the sound of laughter and joy, spring birds singing. A soft warm breeze flooded the humble way station. The feeling of impending doom dissipated, as a paragon of well being stepped in. With dashing swagger and great joy he turned to address the group, all turned to him in great awe. Requiring no introduction, his Lordship Marcus Blunt gazed upon us. We all bowed to his awesomeness
It was at this point, you sir, Castellan Embers, entered and muttered what was required to be done on this dark mission. Two scouts, a humble genius of a hollow boned goblin and a man with dark marks across his face joined the group.

Lord Blunt, with great poise, stepped up as the natural leader on this mission. We left to find the shadowy shape shifting demon and set off after the orcs who had kidnapped him. Soon we encountered a pack of ghouls, created by the disgustingly filthy tribe. The never ending horde almost brought a very quick end to our mission, but one of travellers, Mason, spoke dark words, managed to control and turn some on their own filthy kind. We found destroyed the defenders of the orc tribe with charm, wit, drink and bribery (all kindly supplied by his lord ship). The harbinger tried to corrupt me, siding with foul creatures, and with her seductive words, asked me to reconsider my ways. Her honeyed words could not sweeten the bile she was emanating. With steely nerves, and turn her words against her and she tried to persuade me no more. When drink and charm no longer worked on the foul orcs, I conversed with them in their own language, challenging their leader to a duel. The dumb creature persued me into the shadows, where I hid for a briefest of moments. As he turned, I stabbed under the ribs of the hulking beast, piercing his lungs. The sad remains of his tribe watched him gurgle, drowning in his own blood and declared me their new chieftain.

We found the tribes ritual room, and a portal leading to where the demon creature had been taken. The goblin, small in size, but mighty in prowess, called upon his natural friends to re consecrate the room and sense of enormous well being filled the room, much aided by me wafting wind into the temple.
We leap through the portal as brave mercenaries that we were and found ourselves in the port town of Scarlene. The rotten putrid smell of decay, pus and blood, brought tears to my eyes. The town was much improved really, but the other travellers with me found the place corrupted somehow. Each to their own I guess. We tracked the demons to a warehouse. Again, his great lordship, the deity of charm and persuasion, asked them to abandon their post for the promise of drink and a better life elsewhere. In their filthy sanctuary, we found kidnapped common folk, and via a secret door, discovered the lair of deprivations and insanity. They were using the cover of holiness to inflict suffering and pain on us innocent folk. Boney, the funny foreign one, was having none of it. He drew his sword, and sliced the angels and evil do gooders to pieces.

We found the cults leader, in a beautiful room, filled with wheels and racks all manner of thumbs screws. My personal favourite was the torture pear the leader was wielding as he approached the chained up demon. It was a lovely sight. Sadly, Boney, clearly still suffering the ill affect of his foul beverage and the horrid smell of cults angels guts on his clothes, slew them all and we freed the shape shifter, employing him under his lordship service. Lordship, made him kiss his ring and everything.

As we ventured further into the lair we found a Rodney, a old cult leader. His physique and eyes had been ravaged by time, he was unable to guide the breathen and was sadden that the new high priest was corrupting the scriptures for his own goal. We, touched by the words of the old man, and persuaded to move on by the the smell of his soiled pants, sought out and slew the remains of the corrupted cult and removed the ruined scriptures.

We were assailed by the rest of their cult, Boney and Boring trying, but not very well, crying in pain and dwarf losing his rag, defended our group. It was then, that the great dark mistress Molly who had until now kept disappearing into the shadows, unleash her hell bent fury. Revealing her true self, great jets of black flame leapt from her fingers at our attackers, laughing as the smell of burnt flesh filled the temple. I've never been more in love. She was beautiful. We brought back the silenced demon and released him into the custody of our hirer.

Will Power - rednax1984@gmail.com
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