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entry Mar 25 2022, 10:17 AM
By Talthar it is good to be back in the abbey; what a day I had yesterday. Having answered the mercenary call to assist a trading house of Amlas I found myself with Asgrimm (he really does need to eat more) and 4 individuals I had not met before. Karsh and Yuri who were both from Amlas; Joe who was clearly quite quite mad and Sonasello who I had at least heard of. I was surprised that he was referred to as a foul undead fiend by my colleagues as he did not appear to be to my inspection, I can only assume it was some form of humorous in joke.

Our charge was to locate and enter some testing grounds in a Volcano in Ishma which the house sought for its glory. It struck me as a rather shabby task but needs must when the collection plate runs low.

We set off first to Tartovia to seek a key of some form to enable us to enter the testing grounds. Thanks to Sonasello who has some rank or authority in those parts we were able to make good progress (although my companions did manage to find time to engage in a bar brawl) and having spoken to the local Baron identified that the key was held by some fanatics of balance. I suspect he had entrusted it to them to encourage us to destroy them.

Their lair was covered by a very powerful ward of interdiction which rendered me (but not my companions) immune to miracles of any sort which it must be said left me alarmingly vulnerable. Thanks, however, to some divine intervention (praise be to Talthar) I was dashed away to consult with Talthar before falling to their attacks. Whilst away my companions were able to secure the scales of balance which were the key we needed.

A quick hop to the jungles of Ishma was next and having hacked through the jungle and its denizens we reached the volcano and were able to enter it and descend by a cunning mechanism to deep in its bowels. Some lava beasts (some of extraordinary strength) blocked our way as we descended on foot through 3 more levels before finally reaching the entrance.

A mildly unpleasant individual who appeared to be subject to an unusual curse that caused him to see us all as fly larvae met us and revealed the challenge we needed to face to proceed through the levels of the testing grounds.

I will not record here the details as I have a separate note but there were some mighty challenges for us and without the fighting abilities of Asgrimm, Karsh and Yuri and the sneaking of Joe we would have been lost. I regret that I fell to a brutal attack launched by a doppelganger of Sonasello but Asgrimm (after some difficulty I gather in making my lighting device work to get the candles ready) was able to restore me to life. We reached the end of the second level but sadly failed it when Sonasello departed the final fight not appreciating that would cause us to fail. I confess as the individual we were fighting was hitting with the strength of 24 normal men had Sonasello not caused us to fail I would have departed very swiftly after causing us to fail.

I recovered however after this all an interesting trinket which should cause disarray in undead ranks.

After a very pleasant evening with Joe and Sonasello in a local tavern I recalled to the abbey and my task of guarding Ar. I fancy I noted a tone of wistfulness when speaking to her, I think she missed me.

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