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entry Jan 17 2022, 05:17 PM
A very interesting day down in Scarlene yesterday with my brothers and sister in faith. Friar Arlo of the Hopeful Rings sent us word of further oddities suggesting our ancient enemy was up to her old mischief up in the Gilmedean Hills and in particular around the village of Three Roads Winding so under the care of Harpell a select group of us headed down to see what we could find. Sadly Radiant was taken ill before we could leave and Penny and Aven had to stay behind to nurse him back to health in the Sanatorium which left us a touch depleted in numbers but, as Tarquin might say, in Adversity comes Hope.

Our investigations began at a small temple of Talthar. I think most of us anticipated that it would be revealed to be a fake temple populated by the minions of Malice but to our pleasant surprise the local priests (led by Harmony) were indeed followers of the one true faith. Our searches discovered, however, a secret door in the undercroft which led us into much confusion.

The Aspect of Anti-Subtlety as we chose to call it had us struggling with our comms and scrying for much of the day but thanks to Yorso and, it must be said, a very healthy dose of spirits being spent on communication miracles we were able to make sure but steady progress. It seems that our enemy has devised numerous means of attacking priests dedicated to specific aspects of our faith. My devotion to hope undivided and each of our Aspects saw me therefore feeling somewhat reliant on the Aspect of Adversity. Indeed she had created some foul undead that struck me harder and for entirely uncurable damage just for being dedicated to Renewal. I found myself injured over half of my life and incapable of healing very early on. Fortunately thanks to the Blessings of the Aspect of Renewal and the Renewal miracle I was, eventually, able to recover. Egor eventually dealt with this by applying a Hand of Purity to the generator. This was bold as our scrying suggested it was a level 58 undead. We, rightly, guesses we were being misled but even so Tarquin and I invested considerable power to enhance Egor to give him the best chance of surviving.

We then traveled deeper into the undercroft by a transportation device that only allowed 2 of us to travel at once and with no obvious means of communication to confirm the destination was clear (arriving if it was not was very bad indeed) but thanks to Shard we found a way to communicate and get through.

In the deepest part we located a pentagram which having lost Ezekiel, Solaris and Harpell to a trap Olive, Yorso and I worked out how to deal with. It was clearly linked to a prison and the prisoner was able to whisper to us her desires to be free.

Having dealt with that Solaris, Tarquin and I pretended to eat so that the mortals would not feel uncomfortable whilst they had their luncheon and having deciphered some very confusing writings were able to learn more of our next steps. We headed into the hills to find the witch known as Sandalath. We found her hut and her body which had been slayered but I was able to restore her to life. She was clearly terrified of her ordeal but Tarquin being Tarquin he laid the charm on thick and before long she was on our side.

We learned that our foes had travelled to a prison cut into the side of the hill and set off in pursuit. On the way we met two bewitched trolls who after we had released them from the entrancement were able to guide us on. The prison itself was a mirror realm consisting of 5 sub-realms all of which needed to be dealt with in under an hour. I confess the details passed me by save for an unfortunate incident when Tarquin's light nearly blew us all to pieces when it triggered a most unamusing magical explosion and having to deal with a Death Knight which, I confess, I made rather a hash of.

We reached the centre of the prison and Egor, not to be outdone by Tarquin, charmed the guard into accepting us as friends and let us depart with the tile which acted as the prison for the Maiden of the Triune.

We have returned to the Cathedral to try and discern what to do next and, in particular, whether we should release her or not.

We have much to do.

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