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> The Merging of the D'san
post Sep 9 2018, 02:41 PM
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The sun had already set by the time the last of the tremors had ceased. The Jade miners and surrounding farmers began to return to inspect the damage of their homes and livelihoods. Most were fortunate. Some would seek assistance in the days to help rebuild their homes on more stable land. A few took great opportunity, where their homes had sunk into the ground, to build upon them, transforming old abodes into well protected grain stores and places of refuge in times of crisis. Those who did sent their formal petitions to the Dragon magistrate to ensure all was agreed no offence taken from their initiative, though these requests would be left unanswered for a time..

Some of the first to return were greeted with a peculiar sight - the entrance of the mines appeared to glow with a faint jade hue, as if bestowed a great protective ward. In a way, this was true. Some time later the source of this divine glow was realised as an army of ethereal warriors, samurai in ghostly armour bearing great resemblance to that worn during the reign of the 19th Light of Heaven, set out from the mines towards the Dragon Council chambers. Their blades, as spectral as their flesh, peace-knotted in ghostly fabric. Led by a mortal man in fine attire and accompanied by a trader in fine cloth, they walked tirelessly in slow procession, allowing time for all to see their number, as well as their expectation for all who approached them to show the appropriate courtesy for one of their status. Any who asked were told that a formal announcement would be made by our Lord at dawn, which they were travelling to be present for.

And so it was that Lord Tassuro Yang-To would stand on the great steps in front of the council chambers, to address a sea of ethereal faces of the noble D'san, now stood in two five-score formation; and others who had congregated to hear the news. With him, his advisor Riki and wife Takara; and his formal scribe Sosen Mōhitotsu, stood but a few paces behind. Beside him stood the man who had led the ancient army here, and behind him stood the trader.

After casting his gaze upon all who had gathered, and as the sun broke over the mountains, Yang-To finally spoke.

"Many of you will know of the D'san family. For as far back as our records go the D'san have been a most honourable and trusted family, their loyalty to the Jade Emperor is without question. Many of our finest cloth can be traced back to this noble family. It is with great joy, therefore, that I can announce yet further proof of the honourable integrity of the D'san, dating as far back as the 19th Light of Heaven. Honourable Samarai, who in times long past held back a being of darkness and evil which once resided in our mines and threatened our people.

Sacremento D'san, who now stands here, many years later, once sacrificed himself and his men to contain this great evil, collapsing the mine and offering himself as a place-spirit to keep the threat subdued. With the entity destroyed - and I do not speak it's name for it deserves not to be remembered - the D'san are once again able to join us above ground, to assist in the betterment of our people, and the empire. Sacremento D'san stands here now, today, to honour the agreement made today that will strengthen the lands of the Dragon Clan, improve the efficiency of our mining operations, and protect our beautiful lands from any who would wish to harm the people of Amles.

Accordingly I decree that the men and women of the D'san family shall join with the Dragon clan.

Those of the family still living, our finest cloth makers and traders, shall join the Haiyū family. Your cloth and skills in working it shall be but to the use it deserves, and used to create the Dragon Clan mon which will adorn our ambassadors, and our standard bearers we send to battle. Hyru D'san, in addition to this, your cloth and wares shall decorate the Jade Council chambers, under the direction of my advisor, Riki.

Those of the D'san who assist us beyond the point of death, shall join our noble ranks of the Tsuyo-sa. Your Samurai shall stand guard at our mines from any threat upon them, and escort the ore we mine -and weapons forged with it- that is sent to the other Clans and tribes in Amles. The importance of these mines has long been known, and today this agreement allows us to take even greater steps to ensure their full benefit is felt throughout all Amles, for the betterment of the Jade empire.

Long shall this great union benefit the Jade empire."

With that, those at the top of the steps turned to enter the council chambers. The ghostly samurai begin their march back to the mines, their visage reflecting a beautiful jade glow off the riverbed they marched beside, persisting for a time even after they passed from the light of the breaking sun.

- Matt
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