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Labyrinthe Forum _ The Department of Recoveries and Collections _ Looking for loot!

Posted by: Jack May 8 2018, 09:21 AM

Hey everyone,

Just your friendly neighbourhood champion of life here!

So I am an new mercenary on the block and I am looking for funding, or like a sponsor or just someone who is replete with cash who wouldn't mind lending me enough to buy a small house.

Now what I am looking for is:

A proper well made weapon, one that cant be fucked with and that helps me hit like a real elf

A suit of magical armour - I know this one is a stretch, so if not that then a suit of the best armour that people cant stick to the floor

A magical shield

That's all I am after for now.

I am happy to come to some kind of agreement or payment plan to cover my costs.

So do we have anybody who will help me with this? I dont expect one person to pay for everything, I am looking for a few friends that can help me out.


Champion of Life

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