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Labyrinthe Forum _ System Clarifications _ low level system

Posted by: PhilB Oct 26 2010, 10:08 PM

After considerable thought and play testing we have decided to alter slightly the starting of new characters and their progression through the low level system.

As such, all new characters started on dungeon may begin at 4th level. Progression will be set at 1 level of advancement per section played – meaning it will take two standard caves dungeons to achieve 8th level with a new character.

Bookings for low and mid level dungeons will now be ‘pre-8th’, and be able to encompass all characters below 8th level (these dungeons may well be called ‘Low’ on the website, as I believe that element of the bookings system is coded into the site and not easily changeable…)

Should a player, for some reason, wish to start at 1st level then they are at liberty to do so.


Ref points may still be used to add levels to a low level character, however if the character has never been played, then ref points will be required to add levels from 1st. For example, should a referee wish to start a character at 7th level, they will still require 6 ref points. Should a referee play a single dungeon with a new character (starting at 4th and finishing the day at 6th level) and subsequently wish to add levels, then ref points would be added from the characters current level (e.g. would then require 2 ref points to increase the level to 8th)


Existing pre-8th character may have levels added to balance this change. Should the player wish, this can be done at the desk, and levels will be added as follows:-
2nd level characters will be increased to 4th level.
3rd level characters will be increased to 5th level
4th and 5th level characters will be increased to 6th level
6th level characters will be increased to 7th level
7th level characters will remain unchanged.


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