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> cc contracts, some questions
post Jul 27 2019, 09:35 PM
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Having recently started into the CC game.

Is there an overview somewhere of the mechanics and how certain things work such as

1. Prestige
2. home
3. Domain
4. haven.
5. farm.

I've seen CC state that it can use WP to effect neighbouring states and that wp can be used to effect anything that is justifiable. Is this the same?

There is quite a lot id like to get into, so to be justified does a quarterly return require a write up or something ?

Apologies for the nub questions.

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post Aug 5 2019, 11:14 AM
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I've moved this to the OOC forum so people can answer.

There is the ISP booklet on the forums which includes the CPs and how they work. There have also been a few articles in Almanacs about them.


Please send points apps to: pointsapp@labyrinthe.co.uk

And send system questions etc. to: Lee@labyrinthe.co.uk
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post Aug 5 2019, 11:30 AM
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CP Info from the ISP book


A single CP can provide one person with one of the below. When the CP’s are sent in the character name and player name gaining the benefit should be listed.

Name of Benefit What it does How long it lasts
Dealer Grants 12isp of dungeon temp items, chosen at the start of the dungeon. These may only use the ISP equals character points option if the ability is available to the character. 1 use ever
Place of Power (Magic/Spirit/EP/Neuronic) Reduces the number of roles required when performing an advanced make of the relevant type by 1, to a minimum of 1. 3 uses ever
Tamarisk Patch Provides the character with their basic 6 point allowance for free. This is currently 5, and not enhanced for being an Elf/Neuronic character 5 uses ever
Day at the Races Usable 1/week while involved with the caves. It has a 1 in 4 chance of winning the weeks race and winning the owner 1000grulls Lasts 12 months from when issued
Business Usable 1/week, but takes the characters make slot. It has a chance of making the character a profit. The character makes (1d10-3) x 500 grulls in profit. If a loss is made the character must pay for it at that point or the business is lost. Lasts indefinitely
Mystical Mount At the end of each adventure the character is carried home in a mystical and interesting way. If this is used to save a character when they are trapped (Ref's discretion) then the mounts power fades. See description
Lecturer (Subject) The character has a lecturing circuit on a specific subject. This grants them a lucky idea 1/day on the relevant subject. Lasts 12 months from when issued
Master of the Ship The character owns a ship, of some kind. Lasts indefinitely
Herd (Type) The character owns some cows, or sheep, or maybe goats. Lasts indefinitely
Farm (Type) The character has a farm that produces some plants, but does not make a profit. Lasts indefinitely
Extra Pair of Hands Grants the character +10% to the Advanced Smithing skills. 1 use ever
Apprentice Scribe Increases the amount of normal scrolls a character can make in a week’s visit by 3 power. 8 Uses ever
Home The character has a home in the local area. At the start of each dungeon in that area they can a major prayers worth of information on local events Max 2 per character
Blinkered Eye The character has a chamber (or even home) that is impervious to scrying. Events that occur in this room are immune to all informational effects UNLESS they are subsequently discussed outside the room Lasts indefinitely
Haven The character has a chamber (or even home) that is warded and while they are inside they are impervious to all effects targeted at them. Lasts indefinitely
Large Tab (City) The character is well known in the city and will always be given a tab in Taverns and other drinking establishments Lasts indefinitely
Apprentice/Squire A handy apprentice/other hanger on. They don't offer any benefit at this time. Lasts indefinitely
Roadsmith The character has knowledge of one of the mystical pathways that criss-cross Primus. This allows them to travel from one stated point to another (EG Halgar to Deci). Such a journey takes 15 minutes, others may be taken at ref’s discretion. Beginning this journey takes some time and cannot normally be done while in combat/a hostile environment. Lasts indefinitely
City Bound The character has an affinity for a specific city. They have a general feel for how things are in the city (CF ley of the land) may gain further info at ref's discretion. Max 1 per character
Land Bound The character has an affinity for a specific rural area. They have a general feel for how things are in the area (CF ley of the land) may gain further info at ref's discretion. Max 1 Per character
Forge The forge will repairs a characters armour in between dungeons, meaning it does not lose uses. The forge can be used on other people’s armour for additional uses (one per person) 10 Uses ever

These will be maintained on a list in the Almanac where relevant. This list will be split into two parts, public knowledge and OOC reference. So Renown or Kids would be public, a Rite of the Blinkered Eye wouldn’t be. As with other CP’s when submitted the character and players name should be included.

Name of Benefit What it does Notes
Kids (Location) A sudden rush of children are born named after the character
Folly/Crypt A place set aside for when the character dies. This grants them an extra 10isp when (if) they rebirth. A character can benefit from a maximum of one of these. And it can only be used once.
Guild hall Provides a one month extension to the chosen guild A maximum of one guild hall can be obtained by a single guild standardly in any month.
Renown The character has acquired a nick name in a specific city or region Only the most recent nick name in any region applies.
Statue The character gains a point of prestige. This does help with completing CC contracts unless they specifically require statues.
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post Aug 5 2019, 12:10 PM
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QUOTE(muttleyskragg @ Jul 27 2019, 10:35 PM) *
There is quite a lot id like to get into, so to be justified does a quarterly return require a write up or something ?


No where does it say it requires a return but I reckon submitting a cool little write up to Lee when using a quarterly benefit would be cool and just adds flavour.

I really like those write ups that get done when a Contract is near completion or completed or where WPs have been used by players.

It helps to flesh things out like Heroes used to.


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