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The Creator dreams a little and his will, will be done.

The summons for his Champion is commanded with the slightest of ripples of his thought. He dreams of Saladin again.

Deep in the heart of light there is an undulation, slowy a movement as a spirit starts to coalesce and take shape, from realms of light the While Dragon sends pulses of energy and from the Seven Heavens the power of Saint Michael is let loose as an arrow of Love to hit the forming dream of Creation.

A body is forming, an Angel of light lying in a bed of Sunlight, Spirits and Love. The power of all three beings of power who all have invested in their creation is being formed to create the Sword and Shield of Heaven.

The Angel is incased in a full suit of chain and plate armour that shines with bright light spirit and power he lays on a cloud as if asleep waiting to be awoken by the powers of his master's.

The Voice of Creation whispers "I send you forward as my Champion again as of old to stand against the forces of Destruction my nemesis has returned to the Land, You must gather your Sword Nebulous and your Shield and those Knights of the Land to the cause of the Land. Let them not forget their duty to the Land, you must continue in your duty to defend the Land to the last again if need be, against the forces of Destruction. We feel the power of Destroyer rising again against the Land you must be ready take any who will follow in their heart the cause of Creation against Destruction into your circle of friends to do what is right for life to continue.

Do my Will Champion."

The White Mana Dragon send forth into its Champion the full power of White Mana, flooding the body with immense powers,

The Voice of White Magic whispers "You have been a great servant to us now return and show the enemies of darkness that you are our bastion of light. They will want to reap nothing but the darkness of the world, we the powers of Light will not stand idle and allow them to bring the world into oblivion, void and darkness. You will always bring the Light to those places least expected and give them hope against the darkness. You are my gift to Primus bring Light to it all.

Do my Will Champion."

Then Saint Michael sent his spirits and powers into the body to protect it from the spirit and those who mean to bring his Champion low,

The Voice of Saint Michael whispers "I send you back again into the world with my greatest gift, the gift of Love. I implant the seed of Love in your heart so you never forget why I chose you to be my Pilgrim of the Faith. I have touched you again to remain kind of heart and to defend those that cannot defend themselves and to do no evil. The world is too full of hate you shall go forth and bring Love back into the hearts of those that are filled with hate.

Do my Will Champion."

With the final whispers of Saint Michael the Angel of War decked out in a full suit of armour flicks his eyes open and looks straight up into the eyes of his three master's and another set of eyes that pierce his soul with duty.

The eyes are all filled with hope, he will live up to all they have invested in him and more they think and so he is filled with the power of Creation, Mana and Spirits with his first intake of breath. He can feel his body is made of the infusion of these beings.

He starts to float upwards and his master's eyes fade away but the fourth set of eyes are bright and do not leave his gaze and are waiting standing ready. It is then he realises that they are the eyes of Nebulous. Itv is at this time he understands that Nebulous the Angel of War had been standing over his body through the time he had taken to come again from the realm of their mutual masters. He was his guardian in life inbetween and after life too. He was standing guard waiting to serve if needed at the will of the Champion of Light.

"You have need of my service again?" Asks Nebulous.

"I would not want to exist without you" Saladin replies.

The Angel slowly floats into the sky and slowly coalesces and transforms into the Nebulous of old. Sharp as a razor, filled with the power of Saint Michael and The White Mana Dragon, a sword of Creation that is bane of the Destroyer, Evil and the Darkness. The sword that was an angel a moment ago moves in the air and slowly moves into towards the hands of Saladin. It felt good to have that hilt and guard again in his hand ever ready to Heal him and to Restore to Life or blaze into an intelligent dancing sabre of light and truth. It is good to be with the loyal and true and whose power has never failed you. Saladin stands and looks into the heavens and around him looking for direction to travel.

He hears his master's voices as whispers again in every fibre of his being.

"Come Saladin you have rested enough and your work is not yet done the enemy had been vanquished but they are still in the field of battle and you are our Champion you must take field too to prepare for the final onslaught that it to come.

We send you forth in the name of the Creator, Saint Michael and the White Mana Dragon to do the bidding of our will. You shall be the shield that defends the Realm of Primus and regain your seat at the table of men as our Champion again.

We return you and ask you bear witness to all who have written about your loss to this world visit them and share again in their stories so they know you have returned back to them to do our will"

Travel now to them all in turn now and see how they mourned your death and bring them joy with your return.

Saladin form is whipped like a cloud from the heavens to Mordred's Rest where he looks down on the Cathedral of Saint Michael and see Amorphus kneeling in pray. He thinks back a few weeks and how he was inspired by this noble priest of Saint Michael, whose courage in the face of utter destruction did not waiver for even a second, even though he knew he would not survive the onslaught of the Avatars of the Destroyer, he did not stand back or cower as others did. He stepped up andcw was an example to others, no matter the price to fought the good fight.

It was obvious that he had shed many tears in the last few weeks, he was waiting for va sign. Saladin looked at his brother in arms and shed a tear of his own. He reached down a misty cloudy wisp of Magic Spirit and Power to the kneeling priest to wipe a tear from his cheek. Amorphus looked up and he smiled a smile that had been absent Saladin had given up his life to try to keep him alive in the last battle he fell in. A face of Hope returned, to Amorphus his prayers were answered. Saladin shouted.

"Yes my brother in arms fear no evil would keep from returning to fight by your side and our Church"

Amorphus shoulders which had been weighed down by grief rose again, he stood slowly looked to the heavens and whispered.

"Thank you and praise Micheal"

Saladin was whipped from this scene to another place. He was taken deep under the Mountain his spirit merging with the land as he traveled from one place to another by the power the Creator.

The scene before him was of Queen Gereaxe mourning and all he could hear were the dwarves of Al Macsar lamenting of "Dwarf Friend" Saladin and singing of his travels and his defence of the Queen. They did not want to sing too much without Ale and Beer so the Queen ordered that they break open some barrels of the old brew that had been kept for a special occasion. They drank their fill and toasted Saladin now with a roar in their throats.

The Queen however sat there in silence, alone in her thoughts, as others sang, lamented and were just plain old drunks. The Dwarves of Al Macsar did their thing and some would pay the price in the morning...

Saladin looked down at the scene and looked at his friend and adopted daughter. He remembered back to the old heady days of the Knights of the Land in the Land of Legend and how he always looked on Gereaxe, who was now a queen in her own right, as a young courageous fighter, to him she was always going to be his daughter.

She was a bulwark of defence who he relied on which never crumbled in any battle. She never let him down in a fight to the point of self sacrificing herself in the cause of the Land. Once she got her teeth into a fight it was hard to get her out Saladin recalled he had to drag her out of a few fights that could not be won by just strength of arms, she never lacked courage that is for sure. Those were good old days in the Knights together. Saladin smiled at the thought of all of these and he looked into the eyes of his daughter.

"Lament no more dear daughter I have returned and I will visit your halls under the Mountain and share a drink with you and your Dwarves"

She heard his voice in hear head as she had many times before, she stood up and screamed at the top of her voice


Her dwarves looked up at her startled at first and then with a bemused look of what?? They than and carried on drinking and singing. Gereaxe sat back down, her father was back.

Saladin was torn away again this time he was taken to the far north toTar'edroul as he gazed down on this scene he saw his old friend Watching Owl pacing up and down as he got closer he saw Watching Owl turn to him and look him straight in his eyes.

"Well you have taken your bloody time to get back here, been waiting a few weeks, I off course knew you would arrive just now, it really is not easy to wait for things to happen even though you know they are going to happen before they actually happen. It feels like a curse at times to know most things before they are supposed to happen, then again maybe I am just getting grumpy waiting on old companions. Oh if you can stop your cloud vidion thing and get on with your visits to everyone else I am in need of your aid, so go and visit everyone else and get back here, fast."

"Yes Owl as you command, so I shall do, see you soon my friend"

Saladin had never knowingly disobeyed the Owl he was the wisest and most Just man he knew and who like himself had dedicated himself to the preservation of life and had done whatever it took to defend the Land in his own way.

Saladin was torn again away from this scene to find himself on a hillside this time he could see the form of what only could be described as a huge Spear and a man clinging on for dear life as it went from one place to another. Saladin thought I recognise that Spear that belongs to Jack Flashblade!!!

"Jack it's me Saladin I am back"

"Good stuff or man and all that, I am a little busy this bloody spear has a life of is own, one of these days I am going to blow it"

The Spear came to a dead stop with him trying to hang and it twirled in the air and smacked him on the head 4 times in rapid succession.

"Ok I was only joking, I was joking!!!"

as he looked at the Spear despairingly

"please stop hitting me it's not hiurting me just irritating me, stop it!!!

Saladin shouted across the gulf as the face of Jack smiled and he said

"See you soon Jack"

The Spear and Jack Escaped the scene Saladin was left bewildered as his body was torn to the next scene.

Saladin is above the city of Deci never had their been such a villainous pit of unfortunates but here lived his old friend the King of Deci Troy. Maybe he could pop in and give him a surprise you know the kind that would make him jump out of his skin, he did enjoy make his friend jump.

Saladin descends to the bowls of the city looking looking for Troy, he can sense him sitting in a strong room covered at every door and entrance by bodyguards and servanrs all armed to the teeth with weaponsc dripping from every belt hook and backpack. It's as if he was expecting war at any second. Saladin passed between all of his guards in the form of the creator travel wind into the room which Troy was sitting reading some notes and looking at a map with a glass of what looked like to be a fine wine in his hands. Troy did not move for a second as if expecting an attack then he winked out of existence.

"So much for getting the jump on you old friend" Saladin chuckled.

"Don't ever do that again Saladin, I won't responsible for what will happen to you"

Saladin laughs wholeheartedly and Troy appears and they laugh together, one hand still holding a wine glass the other a blade of the Void.

"Damn you made me jump Sal"

"See you around Troy"

Saladin is is torn away from Deci

"oh w
ell he is back, as much as I hate to say it I am glad to have him back" and then dagger of the Void disappears in between his fingers.

Saladin swoops to the desert of Skylove he looks around this scene not knowing who he is to meet and in the distance he sees Michael McCloud wandering through the desert, the very same Michael McCloud who one day became his patron Saint Michael.

Saladin Creator form swooped to walk behind his Kord not wishing to disturb him in his first steps to become The Pilgrim of Faith on his way to Sainthood. As he got within an arm's lenght he realised that this was not his Lord Michael but another that was on his Pilgrimage of Faith, he reached out with his hand to the shoulder of the Pilgrim and the face that looked back on him was that of Vidar the former High Priest of The church of Saint Michael. Where his eyes were there were only empty sockets but the face did not look like it could not see.

"I see you Saladin, I knew you would return our masters is not yet done with us, walk with me a little."

Saladin walked by the side of the former High priest of his faith. Wondering why Vidar had not returned in all those years and no one had heard of him in this intervening time.

"Why did you leave for so long my Lord? why have you not come back to our church again? I have need of your faith, your voice and your guidance, the Church of Saint Michael needs all of its people back to help heal the Land and spread the word of our Lord Michael, I ask you to join me again and if you can to help me bring back the Love of Michael back into our faith I fear I cannot do it alone"

Vidar looks at Saladin from under his hood with a smile on his face.

"Maybe I just needed you to ask me again old friend"

Saladin heart was lifted as he was torn away again from the deserts of Skylove to another scene.

Deep in the heart of Mordred's Rest he plunged to parts he did not know about, the chambers he entered were nothing but a testament to efficiency and practical thinking. Nothing shone in there but it was old, clean and without a speck of dust to be seen or felt.

There were tomes of power, they hummed with the power of magic and spirits. They were strewn on an expansive round table in the middle of the room. It looked much like they were being used as source books. The book that took the attention of Saladin was one that had no glamour of power but looked just like plain paper in bindings. The book was open and looked like one that was still unfinished there was a quill and ink by it. Saladin looked at the bidding of the book and read these words; Treatise on sacrifice and the meaning of life.

Saladin remembered a lesson he had learnt from a young Knight whose example he followed to that day who in a debate on doing the righteous thing taught him a lesson that will become one of his guiding principles. It was Moonglum who would one day become the Lord Knight of the Land who was heard to have said that the duty of the Knights of the land was to do whatever it takes to save the Land and it's people. He said.

"If the choice was that a child was to die or a Knight of the Land then he would hope the Knight of the land would have the courage lay his life down instead of that child so the choice was always easy"

This was a lesson that he learnt from Moonglum Lord Knight.

It was at this point that Moonglum came into the room daggers in hand appearing from within the walls as if he had just walked though them. He did not see Saladin but had noticed that his book was not as he had left it. The pages seemed to have been touched. No one knew about this place, his personal sanctuary, he had built this himself deep under Mordred's Rest it when he was Lord Knight. No one knew of this place no one. He looked at the book and he saw a line was added to front page.

"You have guided me in ways like no other"

It was signed Saladin your brother in arms.

Moonglum smiled a long while and he was very glad as he knew his friend was on his journey back and that they would share a time together again.

Saladin was torn again from the bowls of Mordred's Rest to fly high over a new land to him. He does not recognise it but he sees camp fires across the lands burning into the night and his ears hear the words

"Saladin's Battalions" being chanted by groups of people across the whole length and breadth of the land. It was as if this land was in the hands of some magic, sorcerery and bring touched by the spirit realm. He flew in closer to the centre of this power and he could see that it was Titanic power being used to spread the word of the deeds of his past self.

He made his way by flight of the Creator to the epicentre of this flowing of magic to see his little Goblin friend Sha'grot his "pet minion" as he liked to call him creating a rite to honour the First Hero and that the Owl had also taken part in this very same rite to honour him. Saladin was humbled to tears again at the outpouring of heartfelt love he had from his friends.

Through his tears he could hear a voice like thunder cracking across the plains of the Broken Lands and he could feel this voice was also being projected to every camp fire in the Far North by the power and will of the Tribal elders, Shamans and Witch Doctors alike. The Voice was that of Snuffy his old body guard who was in his time a Noble Knight of the Land who with Muttley Skragg, Saladin old companion exalting the stories of shared battles in the name of the Land.

It was all too much for Saladin to know the love that his friends and brothers in arms had for him.

"I swear I will repay every act of kindness and love in full measure to you all"

Saladin is torn away from the scene and the Voice of the Creator spoke again to his very fibre.

"I created the land for life,, I did not create this land for corruption to diminish its power. The Land and it's people all of its people are being corrupted one way or another the forces of light need to do their part to keep the balance in place. I send you restore the balance but do no evil. Do not destroy just because you can those that are evil or if dark heart for there is a story of redemption just like there was with Radah, if he can see the light anyone can, hold your hand unless it is in defence of the Land, do not cause dear and dread to create new monsters by your actions. Bring peace to the land harmony and balance."

Saladin is real body now fully glad in armour starts to move through time and space and materialises in front of Watching Owl.

"I am ready to serve"

Shield on Arm
Sword in Hand
Brothers together
We defend the Land

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