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Labyrinthe Forum _ Yellow Paper _ Boldly moving forward, year two...

Posted by: sonof May 28 2015, 11:07 AM

So here we are one year in. I thought I’d start a new thread as the other one was getting pretty long.
With a year behind me as GSM I thought it would be a good time to look at what’s gone well, what’s gone badly, and what is coming next.

So the good? We’ll the Almanac is up and running again. Hopefully it will remain on its quarterly release schedule and people will still be enthused to read it.
Points apps are turning around pretty quickly, and the majority of people seem to be applying for reasonable things rather than trying to hide behind blags and combo’s.
Market days seem to be providing a fun half an hour over lunch. Hopefully as they continue more people will use them to sell their wares and get involved.

The not so good? Well the books. A huge project that turned out to be even bigger than expected. They have gone well though, and I hope that when they had done everyone will enjoy them.
Themed Days haven’t gone as well as hoped, they could of done with more numbers. Hopefully the three still to come over the year work well.

What’s next? Well the Books are still top of the list to get them done and published.
Then I have plans to update the ISP book and include the Monster Point tables, and CC benefits in them.
I’m still working on the source books. Depending on how things go it’s not impossible a couple of them may be ready for release towards the end of this year.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped with the books and is still helping, it has made the job easier even if it doesn’t seem like it. And a special thank you to people for being reasonable with the way they apply for points apps and not getting stressed if things take 2 weeks to come back sometimes 


Posted by: sonof Jun 3 2015, 08:41 AM


So weekly update for everyone.
Points apps ticking along, I'm not seeing Duncan this week so it will be a weekend for the delivery.
As some advanced warning I am likely to be having the weekend of the 13/14th off from the caves (don't tell Fi but by off I mean writing Realm of Glass). The chances are I'm seeing Duncan duriung the week but if you want stuff for the 20th then get in in early please.

On Sunday I will be around for a bit so if people need cards signed and stuff then catch me in the morning. I'm also going to do some random battleboards checks like senior ref's used to do smile.gif


Posted by: sonof Jun 8 2015, 05:28 PM

So firstly a reminder from the above I am not going to be down this weekend (13/14th), I know a shock but...
I am currently seeing Duncan Wednesday evening (this might change) so if you need apps soon then get them in as soon as you can.

The caves looked good after the mass work week. Hopefully we can all help to keep it nice and tidy and avoid random props (or even entire rituals) being left behind when you do your area sweeps smile.gif Also I know I've moaned before but please take glowsticks out with you. When they die they are really tricky to see, so if you spot one on the floor grab it and bin it by the desk smile.gif

The next Almanac is going well, so if you have any questions for the Ask the GSM bit, or other stuff you'd like to have included please get it to me in the next couple of weeks. I'll also be checking guild boards last weekend of June.

Once this Almanac is done I'll put up a list of guilds that have 3 tiers and haven't completed a guild special this year so far.


Posted by: sonof Jun 16 2015, 06:45 PM


Another week and back to the normal Saturday delivery of points apps this week.

As a reminder the dead line for stuff to go into the Almanac is next Monday, and the weekend after for checking guild boards/earning CP's and guild specials.


Posted by: sonof Jun 22 2015, 04:32 PM


So points apps and CC contracts delivered to Duncan at the weekend. I'm seeing him Wednesday so I'll do a delivery then, and a second at the weekend.

I'd like to remind people about Damage grade sheets, if you need one get them signed. If you are using more than 1 non-standard ability to reach your damage grade then you need one. If you are inflicting more than six you need one.

And to remind people saturday is another Market day in the tavern at lunch. So if people want a bit of IC trade then it will happen at some point over lunch.


Posted by: sonof Jun 29 2015, 06:11 PM


So updates for the waiting world smile.gif

Points apps this week - I'm seeing Duncan Wednesday (Currently) so anything in by the time I print tomorrow evening will be given to him then. Anything after that will be down at the weekend.

Almanac - Guilds bits being finished off today/tomorrow and going to Martin for formatting.


Posted by: sonof Jul 7 2015, 09:21 AM


So a few quick things for my loving congregation smile.gif

First up there weren't any "Ask the GSM" question for this Almanac, so if people have any they'd like to ask in the October one get it is for the end of September.

As promised I will compile a list (probably sunday) of guild as that haven't completed a guild special as at the July Almanac and post it next week so you can all see.

Next my work on the Realm of Glass continues. I am sorting out cities at the minute. As part of it I'd like to include a brief "events in the third age" for each one. So I'm looking for cool campaigns (not one off events) that happened in cities. I don't need:
Stuff I've reffed
Highlands (huw)
The 138th and Thimon
Final Dawns in general
Anything HotE driven/direct plots of (So the Blade Wind in Alguz, Spiter attacking Port Miere and Scarlene)
Matt Jenkins and Slider stuff smile.gif

(As you can guess I have these already).

I am beyond this honestly struggling for city based plots/series of dungeons that have happened in the Empire. I know there are lots of "significant rural places".
So if you can think of any email them over to with a brief (1/4 of a page or so) rundown of what happened and who reffed it if possible.

And last by not least Xmas is coming. The lucky dip points apps seemed to go down well, so if anyone has idea's that would be cool. The current suggestion I've been given is A selection of sheets that are for class brackets. So you pick a warrior lucky dip, or priest lucky dip etc. and get something closer to what you want. The a real lucky dip pile of odd stuff requiring bracket pure/be a warrior wizard etc. I know it might seem a while away but I'd like to have enough time to write bits up.


Posted by: sonof Jul 13 2015, 05:55 PM

Hello once more,

Well I have the July Almanac back and finished, so it should be off to the amazing printing god tonight/tomorrow.
And before you ask no, I still don't have book dates.

The weekend coming (as you may of noticed) has a lot of dungeons, with a lot of players, but not very many refs, monsters, or a-refs. So if you can make it down then please do, even if it's just a morning.

If we can't get enough monsters/refs then I'd suggest some negotiating where people play one day and monster/ref the other so more people have a chance for fun smile.gif

I'll even go as far as saying if someone is willing to step up and ref but doesn't have time to fully write I'll knock up a plot and list of encounters for them so they just need to add stats/wards and descriptions. I might even have time to do two if you ask early enough smile.gif

Points app wise I feel I need to remind people no means no. Just changing one word, or even applying again as is, doesn't mean I'll change my mind. It just means I get more monster points and ref points smile.gif

As mentioned previously I'm working on realm of glass so if you have any of the below then please send them over to me (at my lee@ address) if you haven't already:

Noble houses
Significant events in the third age
Cool locations that are tied to non-human races (so settlements of elves etc).

I'm also doing a review of the ISP book. My plan is to update the CP system in it, the mp system, and the general item system (though this needs very little work). So if you have any cool idea's then send them in to the normal address.

Until next time, stay quadding


Posted by: sonof Jul 20 2015, 04:17 PM


Not much to really say here. Everything seems to be moving along happily smile.gif

Thanks to people that booked off/stepped up to monster last weekend, it made for a nice full weekend of adventures.

I thought I'd ask about peoples opinions on the Almanac. What do you want to see in future issues? what sort of thing would you like included?


Posted by: sonof Jul 28 2015, 09:34 AM

And another Almanac is out, which is good and means I'm already starting on the October one.

If you have anything you want to include (ask the gsm questions, anything sensible really) then send it over to me at

Points are coming in thick and fast, but as a reminder myths is a couple of weeks away which means Duncan will be away so there will be a delay in apps getting back to people.

I'd also like to remind people about damage grade sheets (again) I've not signed many but lots of people seem to be doing big numbers. So please get them signed. If you don't have one then ref's are free to say no you doing above six.

Finally after some issues around it can people please be careful about answering dead to discern nature of wounds/spirit sight unless you are sure. It can change how things turn out massively smile.gif


Posted by: sonof Aug 2 2015, 05:02 PM

And the weeks move on.

I got asked the most bizarre pair of question yesterday. Can you use flat of the blade with flat of the blade. No, it you blade sharpen sharp weapons, using flat of the blade makes it blunt. I'm happy that hitting people doesn't use the sharpened blow, but you don't get the damage increase.

Second was warrior/assassin related. If you have specialist your max damage is triple to the front. If you then adrenal surge you still have max damage triple to the front. It's a restriction. This applies to any knock on's. So if you have a "max damage" restriction it applies last.

Points app wise they have gone through the roof the last couple of weeks. This week is the last week to get apps in and processed before the 4/9 day happen. After this weeks batch there will be a delay of 3-4 weeks for getting them back while Duncan (unreasonably I might add) enjoys playing the 9 day!


Posted by: sonof Aug 11 2015, 09:38 AM


First the bad news, but you should all be aware. Duncan and Kat are unreasonably going to play the 9 day meaning that points apps will be delayed (fortunately most of the points app addicts are also on the 9 day so withdrawal symptoms should be minimal (Unless you’re called Graham). I’ll still be printing them and processing them, but I’m guessing nothing will be back this month.

During the 9 day I’ll be printing sheets and stuff for the weekend but I WON’T be checking the booking line. If there is something urgent then email me at and I’ll see if I can help. By urgent I mean urgent, not “I haven’t had my item yet” or “Can I book a dungeon for November please”.

I will try and keep items coming back during this time too, so if you are emailing them in send them to the above, but that depend son how much time I have.

So onto good news. I’m starting work on the October Alamanc so if you have any questions for it, or want to see anything then let me know or put a post in the thread on the boards.


Posted by: sonof Aug 18 2015, 11:19 AM


Not much this week. On non-GSM things I've updated credits from the weekend, items being written up (so will be down this weekend) and MP's should be down.

I did remember the topic I was going to mentioned last week. Concentration time, things like prepping a total, mighty strike, flick of the wrist etc. Concentration is just that concentration, it means doing nothing other than the concentration, so you can't parry you can't be hitting someone etc. This means you aren't raging into people, aren't in combat (so tempo goes down) etc. Hopefully this is pretty straight forward and everyone knows it.


Posted by: sonof Aug 24 2015, 12:21 PM


So not much to say really. Points apps will be going to Duncan this weekend (I know you're all happy) so they should come back over the next couple of weeks, it is a rather big pile.


Posted by: sonof Sep 3 2015, 10:31 AM

Sorry that the post is a bit late this week been busy catching up on bits.

All points apps I said were printed last Friday are with Duncan. There was a lot, so there may be a delay in getting them back by pdf if you wanted that.

Points apps for this week need to be in tonight if you want them to go to Duncan this weekend. I might get a chance to print some tomorrow evening but who knows.

As a reminder if you want to ask questions/have stuff for the Almanac I need it by about the 15th please.


Posted by: sonof Sep 9 2015, 03:37 PM


So my best laid plans of getting this out early fail.

For those on the 3 day that wants apps forit you'll need ot get them in TONIGHT at the latest and ask for PDF's and I'll try my best with them, but no promises.
I also take this opportunity to remind people to use the correct email for points apps please smile.gif

The Almanac dead line for stuff is end of next week, so if you have questions/want stuff in it please get it to me by Sunday the 20th.

I'll be checking guild boards etc. on the 26th so that's the last day for those.

And finally a small comment on points apps. Healing torrents (you know what they are if you have one). If you have one which doesn't have hte following restricitosn please bring it to me to have it checked:

1) Goes down if recieves other healing
2) Can only heal as much damage as is inflicted by an attack.



Posted by: sonof Sep 15 2015, 09:45 AM

The world ticks along, and we move closer to the end of the year.

As a teaser we are currnetly finalising the December Christmas events. Without going into detail (it will be in the next Almanac) I can say I'm already writing some lucky dip points apps. Plans are afoot for the Xmas single length, and I'm sure there will be xmas drinks in the Bickley.

There is also the 750 theme day, where every dungeon will be a 750. There will be more inthe Almanac but the plan is a colelction of single lengths so you can change parties, swap between different refs and general it iwll be a bit different.

Coming up is Halgar day, having mentioned it else where pretty please come and monster for us smile.gif

Points apps are all up to date with me and Duncan is happily (????) working through the mountain that was the post myths pile.

And finally, as people may of notice from this year I've been reffing mini-campaigns of different levels. I'm intending on doing the same next year (and it would be cool if other ref's did as well). So if people have idea's about what levels they'd like to see, and what lengths. 3 dungeons, or 4? Lots of options, or more linier. Based in specific nations, or specific themes?


Posted by: sonof Sep 30 2015, 11:20 AM


Sorry about the lack of post last week but I've been busy smile.gif

Points apps are all up to date and with Duncan/back.
4/9 day items are done and should be at the caves.
3 day items are being processed, I might get them finished for this weekend I'm not certain.


Posted by: sonof Oct 4 2015, 02:12 PM

So the lovely Almanac is almost done, and it includes a new race option for people to play, and information on the excitement planned for December.

Halgar day is coming up and seems to have attracted huge interest which is great.
Coming up over the year we still have Sellaville Day, and the Max 750 theme day.

For next year I'm already working with Duncan to arrange a selection of Campaigns to happen. My plan is to ensure we have 2 or 3 running at a time, of different levels.

So if you are up for reffing a mini-campaign next year then can you let me know the following info:

The level you want to ref
When (rough months are ideal, specific dates are fine as well).
Theme if you have one.
Length/type of dungeons. Some options include: 3 a month apart, 4 a month apart. Saturday/Sunday dungeons, Overall they should be 3 or 4 days of dungeon though.

If you can send this to me at the address I'll try and put something together.

I'm happy to go all the year, but clearly focussing on the first 6 months at the minute.


Posted by: sonof Oct 13 2015, 05:30 PM

So the world ticks on, all points apps are up to date.

The Almanac has been a little delayed finalising a couple of things, but shouldn't be much longer.

I've not had many people get back to me on reffing a campaign next year, so if you are up for it please let me know so I can start putting a plan together for them.


Posted by: sonof Oct 22 2015, 11:50 AM


So the lovely Almanac is off to be printed, so you will all get to see it soon smile.gif

Dead line for the January Almanac is 24th December for all things except the final dawn.

Points apps are at a trickly but coming in and going out. So you can all plan ahead:

15th November - I am desking (I know its a shock) so if you need cards signed, apps looked at, 10k checks done or anything like that then this is a good day to try and catch me.

Currently my last day at the caves before xmas is 12th December. So you'll need to get points apps in by 10th to be certain of getting them before xmas.

And a question for everyone on the Almanac. What do people think of World Points and how they are shown? Good/Bad? Suggestions are welcome.

My current thinking is I probably need to change the way Faiths are shown because each city is going to acquire its own local ones, and teh way its set up makes htis pretty difficult.


Posted by: sonof Oct 28 2015, 07:35 PM


Quick gsm post this week.

Almanac out (thanks Tim!). Final dawn details in the Almanac and coming soon to the boards, thanks to Fromant, Huw, Sam, Ryan, and Istead for helping out so it works as a plan.

I'm working on campaigns/events for next year. So if you are up for reffing one/some let me know (look back a few posts for details) as I'd like to be able to have a couple of campaigns running each month as far as June for the January Almanac.


Posted by: sonof Nov 2 2015, 09:03 AM

So into November...

Halloween went well (ish), and may of set a new party killing record (yes even more than the xmas single length) if we'd bothered to keep count (oops).

A few upcoming things for people to plan for:

2 party kotl on the 22nd, Monsters would be great smile.gif

28th Sellaville day. Still spaces on the lows and more monsters would always be great.

5th December - player and monster spaces are there for grabbing.

And don't forget 12th December Xmas drinks.

On other things if you fancy reffing a mini-campaign at the beginning of next year (up to June) then please let me know, I'm hoping to have something in place by the end of the month.


Posted by: sonof Nov 9 2015, 12:32 PM

Hello another week.

As a reminder can people send points apps to:

I check this regularly so they will be picked up.

Upcoming dungeons are filling up nicely but as always more monsters would be good for them all.

750 day is doing well, again needing monsters. For those that haven't seen the plan is to have lots of briefs going on and for people to choose the sections they do. It is possible, if we get enough monsters we'll go to a 4th party, but it will then be limited to 40ish players probably.

Final dawn is up for bookings, so if you are interested get booking. The plan of an almost 1 to 1 ratio of players to monsters must appeal to people smile.gif


Posted by: sonof Nov 16 2015, 12:58 PM


Nothing much this week. Points apps ticking along.
As a reminder the Almanac has a list of exciting things happening over Xmas so if you haven't got one, grab it soon smile.gif


Posted by: sonof Dec 13 2015, 07:37 PM

So firstly sorry about the lack of updates recently, real life has been getting in the way of stuff.

Lucky Dips seemed to go down pretty well, as did tombola, which is good.

The final Dawn is coming up and lacking players. The rules are on the boards, but broadly its play one day monster one day. The event has been capped at 24 players now on both days. So if you are free it's well worth playing. It will be a great experience to be in an almost 1 on 1 situation.

Points apps are still up to date, and to remind people:

email them to the points app address Sam forced into my signature on Kats orders smile.gif

I'll email when I get a points app and normally it will go to Duncan that weekend for scanning etc.

And in exciting news..........

yes exciting news..........

keep scrolling......

The books are formatted!!!!!!!!!!!! The pain of indexing and everything is done (thanks to Witts and Washbag).
There isn't a date for release yet, as printing still needs to be sorted out but hopefully there'll be some news soon.

On other things.

So the Almanac for January is being done. If you have something for it, or an ask the gsm question for it then let me know. (use

I'll hopefully have a list of campaigns, themed days and some one of special event days in the next couple of weeks.

And finally if you fancy reffing one off open dungeons below 1k next year let me know when you are free, what level you fancy that would be great smile.gif


Posted by: sonof Jan 1 2016, 03:00 PM

Sorry I've been quiet for a while, it's all been crazy.

Almanac is in the last stages, so if you have anything for it please send it over asap, including ask the gsm questions.

Points apps were upto date until xmas. However between final dawn and today I've had over 30 sheets in, so they may not all get done by tomorrow, sorry.

A list of upcoming campaigns should be going up at some point today, there's a few theme days, special events, and general stuff in it.

And now the final dawn is done I'll be back to Realm of Glass when the Almanac is done, so if you haven't already please send me stuff on Noble Houses if you are the head of a house. I'll be chasing people again for bits on the Senate and the like as well.


Posted by: sonof Jan 22 2016, 06:30 PM

So my erratic posts continue, sorry.

Points apps are running up to date. I'm hoping to be up to date with rebirths and items by tonight, sorry about the delay.

Almanac is almost done. It's got final dawn stuff, some new monster points bits and general stuff in it.

Bonuses for monstering for campaigns have been sorted and will be in the almanac, I'll also be putting them on the boards on Monday evening smile.gif


Posted by: sonof Jan 31 2016, 09:04 AM

Almost, sort of, back to a weekly post smile.gif

Points apps up to date, despite the efforts of some people to break me. The last fornight has seen myths levels of apps coming in.

Almanac done and off to Martin for editting, sorry about the delay.

I only have 3 things on my gsm list (the lowest of the year) so should be up to date this week, which means a new set of monster point tables will be out.

On other news campaigns all up and seem to be running well. Towards the end of february I will again be abusing people into reffing more later in the year smile.gif

As advance warning I will not be at the caves on the 13th/14th February so no points apps will be down, sorry.

Not much else from me really.


Posted by: sonof Feb 16 2016, 04:00 PM


So a quick update (as I have a rare moment of not work).
Points apps are ticking along, and unless there is a sudden Thursday Surge (it's becoming common) they should all be done this weekend.

As advance warning come the next guild boards check I'm going to look at how long stuff has been on their and how manky it is looking. So it might be worth updating things and getting them looking nice again smile.gif

Dead lines and bits:
Next Almanac - Any ask the GSM questiosn, ref stuff, or the like please get them to be by around March 16th.
WP's - If you have a contract that generates world points (or anything similar) please email me what you want to do with them by the 30th march. include the info on contract number and stuff.

For Alamanc bits please use the lee@ email below.


Posted by: sonof Mar 5 2016, 10:27 AM

Sorry about the late notice but as people probably noticed I didn't get to print apps this week, and am not down this weekend at all. Sorry real life got in the way.

Other bits:
Almanac is moving along if you have stuff for it (questions, ref bits, stuff from governors/senate/whatever) please get it to me by easter weekend.

Realm of glass is also moving along. If you have noble houses (as in status purchased) and haven't sent them in then please do so, or entries will be pretty light/bland.

Victims, er I mean campaign refs. I'm looking for 2-3 for later in the year. 3 or 4 part mini-campaigns, level wise ideally something starting at 500, a 1500 and 3k.

And a quick update thanks to Sonny the apps from last week have made it down to the caves so should be with Duncan for checking and stuff.


Posted by: sonof Apr 6 2016, 10:47 AM

Firstly sorry about the lack of GSM posts, March was a totally crazy month with real life.

So onto good news.
Campaigns seem to be mostly populer and doing well, which is good. If anyone fancies reffing one in the second half of the year please let me know (

In a not so secret way the plots for this years final dawn are out there. It is not the plan to have a big sign saying this is the final dawn plot, you'll have to all work it out yourself smile.gif So if you are planning on playing it (and details should be coming out in the next couple of months) then it's worth paying attention to the write ups that go on the boards and in the Almanac.

Points apps. A couple of things. As people may of seen there has been a slight delay in people getting replies. This is (as some people will have seen) due to the massive piles of points apps people are sending in recently.
Also when saving points apps could you please check formatting. It is very common for people to save a sheet and it is a two page document because page two is blank. It might seem odd but printing 10-15 blank pages a week is annoying, and slows me down.

Due to some delays if you still have stuff for the Almanac you can get it in by Friday and it will still make it. This includes if you have completed contracts that generate CP's.

For some advance warning I am (unreasonably) on Holiday for a week in June. I'll remind people closer to the time but it will mean a week of no points apps being processed.


Posted by: sonof Apr 17 2016, 09:23 AM

Just a heads up I'm not down next weekend at the minute so there won't be a points app delivery.


Posted by: sonof May 9 2016, 11:36 AM

So it seems work hates me and makes me do it, booo!!

First sorry about the delay on to ask the gsm questions, for some reason I totally missed them. All done now.

The Almanac is in the final stages of formatting. Again sorry about the delay but we had a few changes to sort out getting into it.

I'd like to remind people:

Points apps go to the points app address in my signature below.
Please try and format them so they print properly, and I don't end up with a page of just empty box.

I will be starting on the next Almanac at some point, and if you want to get stuff in it I need it by the first week of July please.

There have been lots of points apps lately (not all labyman) so if you want them for a weekend try and get them in early (I'm printing tonight, so they will be given to duncan this weekend hopefully).

I can't think of much else to say really, other than I will be having a holiday in mid-june for a week so points apps won't get processed, sorry.


Posted by: sonof May 19 2016, 10:51 AM

As requested a bit on each book and what my view of the system is. As a basic overview the changes are based on peoples points apps. Where people have applied for things a lot something has been added in. This means that popular classes have more than rarely played ones.
This isn’t a one off project either. My hope is to keep track of things and then in 5 years or so produce a new version of the books with even more things. Now the initial project has been done it should be a lot easier to keep things up to date.

So first changes in the books:

Before everything magic and spirit mix, priests can have spells on them and wizards miracles. Enjoy.

Warriors –
So first big change is Paladins, Grey Knights and AP’s have had their spiritual buy as weakened. The oddity of being in/not in the priest bracket has also been removed.
Cost of stamina’s/grades of strength has been changed so they are all the same.
Beyond that it is mostly additions. Armour damage reductions have opened up to be available to anyone wearing master crafted armour at the lower level, and going up if you wear heavier armour. Some additions to battle-masters have been included as well.
Enhanced weapon mastery shield now needs distancing.

Priests –
Very little has changed. Stunning power has been altered a bit. In general it is mostly additions and upgrades.
The big change is that a bless on a shield means it doesn’t block pure spirit damage any more.
Yes Steal Life essence and instant degen are gone.

Wizards –
Warlocks have changed a lot as mentioned.
More big spells for players to have fun with.
An ability to cast fleeting stopping effects has been added as well.
And an in general publishing of a lot of peoples points apps.

Scouts –
Assassins have been shifted to be able to get good damage grades but rely on backstab. A lot of the abilities also give an assassin a good reason to stay bracket pure, or go warrior, rather than going wizard or priest.
Some new tendency’s have been added, and upgrades to Dabbler.
While there are some boosts for Pathfinders/others in truth there hasn’t been very much to use as a base to produce upgrades as people don’t play them to high levels a lot.

Neuronics –
Pens (and other neuronic damage) have been changed so they now inflict 6/6 to the head (and so on).
Emotion restrictions have been lessened on classes.
A few new neuronics are out there as well.

Druids –
A mass change. First to make it readable, and provide idea’s about characters types you might want to play. And as a way of trying to create a class that fits somewhere in the system.
The easiest thing to do, in all honesty, is read it as there is a lot to explain.

Classes –
More classes, and a shift in immunities to bring them down to table 3. Also some of the warrior only abilities have been opened up to other people.
Potion restrictions have been added to clairvoyent and para-psychic.

Races –
Some more races based on the popular Elder fey/Primal Soul patterns.
Some adjustments to published races as well (Dwarves having an item restrictions, height restrictions going).
All of the races from the source books have also been drawn into one place.
Elder fey now has a prep time for druidic heal benefit. Also the fear is made clear as level of resistance.

So what next? Well lets do a bit about statting by ref’s.
It got a bit harder. With the addition of bigger spells/miracles more thought is needed when setting what a part can cast.
With the addition of “fleeting” stopping effects for wizards it has also become more reasonable to set war cries once in a while to stop a single wight being as destructive as it would have been previously.
Also it is a case of being sensible with statting immunities. Giving everything immunity to backstab would be pretty dull and boring, so just don’t do it. Some parts with it where but makes sense yes, but if every wave monster has it then it would be pretty dull.
I think it can all be summed up with stat sensibly and it will be fine.

Last, but not least, what is my vision.
Well the key thing is still to be able to play a character without needing points apps. Which I hope can be done now. The other key is to give people enough scope to be able to play what sort of character they want to.
As it has been mentioned bracket purity is not the golden key to ultimate power. Indeed what it mostly does is let you get somewhere a bit quicker and cheaper than other people. Will you end up being a bit better at your chosen area? Yes, but people that don’t lock themselves in a bracket will come close and have other ways to make up the shortfall.


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