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Labyrinthe Forum _ Yellow Paper _ The tricky third year...

Posted by: sonof Jun 3 2016, 05:36 PM

So here we are into the third year. I thought I'd look back at good and bad bits and general stuff.

Well my gsm posts have become erratic and less funny. Partly due to changing jobs so I now have to actually do work.

The books are out, only a year after the dream. It's been a long process but I think worth it. Updates going forward will be easier, errors can be found and corrected in each print run. My intention is to review bits at the end of the year and if anything isn't working as intended to change things then. Looking forward I'd like these rules (in essence) to survice a good 5 years before they need updating/changing.

The almanac has stumbled along. Hopefully with the books done I can get it back on track. The aim is for. Late July release and then mid-october to get it back on the quarterly cycle. If people have things they want to include, be it adverts, letters to the senate, reports from the senate, write ups from refs, anything really, please email it to me.

Mini-campaigns seem to be doing well and working which is great, and hopefully can keep going.

So what's still to come?

A new isp booklet. You've seen bits of it, I'm hoping this Sunday to finally get it up. Not a massive change to ISP but some CP/WP bits, and new mp tables and ref point options.

Final Dawn 2016, I'm stupid and reffing it.

An updated handbook. A move away from where it currently is and an attempt to make it user friendly and there for new players. Works already been done on this but it is still some way off.

Source books!!! With me no longer working on the rule books I have time to return to these. The current vague plan is:
Realm of Glass - 2 books because it's so big.
The Jade Empire - to finally published a Labyrinthe background for the land of forearm parry.
The Untammed Lands- the North, the Brokenlands, the three great forests, mountain ranges, and Borthek.

And then updates for the Baronies and Ishma.

Not everything I have on my list but enough to keep me busy on holiday (or the next couple of years).

And the big thing when can you put points apps in again.....

I will start processing again on the 19th June when I am back from Holiday. I expect a back log and a mountain so they may slow down a bit for the first 6 weeks or so. My new stamp saying "published" should be ready by then as well.


Posted by: sonof Aug 10 2016, 09:24 AM

A quick update on points apps.

Unless you are the unlucky soul that knows who they are all points apps have been processed and back if they were emailed to me before last Wednesday.

So if you are missing some they have been eaten by the internet, the caves, Kat, or something else.


Posted by: sonof Aug 18 2016, 05:50 PM

Quick update.

Due to external delays (not mentioning names) the Almanac will be finalised saturday, so you have a last ditch chance to get bits in.

Characters for the lucky dip will be down this sunday. If you are not going to be around before the day let me know and I will drag one out for you and pm/email the details over.


Posted by: sonof Sep 24 2016, 09:26 AM

Hello again,

So some news since my last update.
The Almanac as you can see didn't get finished, sorry. We've decided to push it back to October since it's so close anyway.

A post with guild benefits for new guilds will go up in a few min. I've also given newer guilds a bit of a boost on blow up date so they get fair use of their benefits.

Final Dawn news is up, so go and read it.

And for the future I'm looking to sort out campaigns for 2017, so if you are interested in running one then please email me at:

Telling me when you want to ref, and what sort of level. I'll compile a list and make it all work.


Posted by: sonof Oct 11 2016, 08:45 AM


So a couple of things.
First sorry about the delay in points apps last week, 3 day writing took priority. I will catch up next week with them and shoudl be good. If people needed apps for this weekend then I'll try and get them sorted over the next couple of days and magic them to Duncan somehow.

Almanac is coming along. My editor has toldm e we still have some space in it if anyone has anything.

When I'm done with the Almanac, 3 day, and got the straight 8th themeday started I'm going to begin harrassing people abvout reffing campaigns next year, so please be prepared.


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