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> Obituary for Anarcus, Gone but not forgotten
post Aug 8 2017, 07:35 PM
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Anarcus and Myself recently travelled with a Group of Mercenaries from the Court of Almacsa. Most of you won’t believe what we did, so I will not try to convince you. Suffice to say it was important and the safety of Primus and the whole Exostance was held in the balance.

It was a hard fort week, with many loses and sacrifice’s made, but as the sun came up on our final day, it became apparent that we as a group were not going to make it.

Anarcus, would not run to fight another day. He in his 30 years as a mercenary had never run away, and he would not condemn his oldest friend Gerehax to her death. As such he made the decision to sacrifice himself, consumed by our ritual, never to sit beside our Lord Michael, and never to walk Primus again. It saddens me to tell you that he is gone forever.

He had a number of dying wishes, some of which we completed on the day, some of which I shall endeavour to complete in the coming months, but for now, let hime be remembered, as the man he was, strong armed and strong minded. Always willing to take the fight to the dark. He was God’s favourite, and mine to.

As we said many times throughout the week. “You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs”, and Anarcus was one hell of a good Egg.

Goodbye good friend. May we all sip some of the Holy Water tonight.

Arch Angel of Michael
High Priest of St. Michael
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post Aug 8 2017, 07:45 PM
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My friend, for over 30 years we have stood together in battle, you have been the one that has kept me in the light, the one I always came to when I feared the Dark. Your Guidance, Your friendship I shall miss greatly. You looked after your old friend even when you were not there, those of your faith kept me in the light when the utter despair of grief drove me on a path to the dark. On hearing my plight from your faithful you came, it was like a sword had cut through the darkness and I could once again see, you guided me and together we strove forward to end the terrible threat we faced. You proved your friendship to me once again and for the final time, you knew the situation was grave, you knew for what I fought and the ramifications of failure, and you chose to stand for your friend, this ultimate sacrifice, this gracious deed humbles me more than I can speak, I sit here in my home with tears rolling down my face still, trying to find the right words to say but nothing I can write down or say seems enough or even worthy of your actions. There is a gaping gap now in my heart that I will never be able to fill, my people are in mourning for all who fell, and any Dwarves of My realm which seek to join your faith, that of St Michael will be granted permission with my blessings, we shall do what us Dwarves do in such times, we shall build, we shall build in your honour, and there shall be new Buildings here of your faith, alongside my own faith that of my father and it is my hope that both can move on together. Let your light shine forever and never diminish, and know this, it is your faith I will seek for aid in times of darkness and dread, and your people I shall come and defend if ever they need me.
My sincere thanks Anarchus, My sincere thanks Michael, and my Most gracious thanks to Castiel and Radah of Michael, who also gave much in defence of the world.
There will be a 3-month Mourning period in Al-Macsar for all who fell dealing with this threat.
I myself will be available by appointment only through my Ambassador Thyrn or via the Lawbinder Alax Deepstone for the next three months, St Michael followers who wish to speak with me, will be granted Priority. All Al-Macsar Court members should return to the court chambers Immediately, where there will be a court meeting and events to remember our lost friends.

With great Sadness,
Always your friend, you will never be forgotten

Sarah Williams

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post Aug 8 2017, 08:08 PM
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Hero of Legend,

Legend of Primus,

You and I were more alike than I would ever have cared to admit in your presence.

From Shayle, to Legend, through the several different bodies in which I knew you - Angel, Phoenix, Demon - you were always the same person, with the same conviction and morals. It didn't ever matter which powers you called in which form, you were always you - Anarchus - High Priest of St Michael. You never changed one bit - and if people think you had, your friends knew you hadn't.

You had many sayings that many priests of light have been shocked by over the years, and will be legendary throughout the years to come.

You were well respected by many. A brother to many, and a friend to many more. For a man so devout to his faith, you managed to accumulate many friends along your 3 decades of fighting evil.

Even if you do not get to rest by your Lord's side, even if you never walk side by side with your friends again - your memory will live on eternally in those who's lives you touched, and in those who would only know you as Legend.

Rest well my friend.

Hero of Legend
Virtue of Unity
Enoch Khan

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post Aug 8 2017, 08:20 PM
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Plot Dump NPC

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Anarchus, you were a dick.

But you were our dick.

There weren't many people who got to see the side of you that actually laughed at things, but we did. You were there when we started and, no matter how much you might've tried to deny it, you enjoyed it just as much as the rest of us. You also never tried to stop us being weird and different, and surprisingly you never killed any of us either. Not even Roy.

Your other Knights will remember you by, I don't know, honouring you or some such. The Errants won't. We're all going to get drunk and start bar fights. Because you would've hated it. You would've told us, at length, how we were staining our souls and wasting our lives when we could've done something better with it, and how you totally knew we were summoning undead behind your back because it made things easier.

We're going to keep you alive by remembering all the times we managed to make you laugh despite how much of a dick you were. You would have hated every second.

And you would've been there with us anyway.

Boo Baker

- Rebecca
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post Aug 8 2017, 11:56 PM
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I am saddened by the loss of Anarchus. He was unyielding and uncompromising in doing the will of Our Lord Michael.

He will be missed.

Justin the Left Handed.
Priest of Michael.
Captian, 101st Armoured Division, Empress' Own.
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post Aug 9 2017, 07:38 AM
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Steve Louch

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You strived to recreate this faith on Primus with Saladin when you saved St Michael decades ago and your achievements are here to be seen now and will forever.

I had the honour to be the High Priest for a few years and when I went on my Pilgrimage in to the wilderness you were the only person it felt right to hand the Church back to.

Ex High Priest of St Michael
Pilgrim of the Sands
Knight of Elfheim
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post Aug 9 2017, 08:39 AM
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I must say it's somewhat irritating that Anarchus has fallen. He was one of the most reasonable mercenaries from the faiths of light that I've met. Primus will be weaker for his loss. I can only hope that his successor continues his legacy.

Baron Jacoby Stillwater
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post Aug 9 2017, 10:49 AM
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One to always stick to his beliefs and never back down.

We did not share gods, but he was a man after my own heart.

Reast (the priest)

Of Elbereth
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post Aug 11 2017, 10:35 AM
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As I have said elsewhere at this news, I will mourn for an eternity at this loss.

Written By The Hand of Isha
Daughter of Saladin

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post Aug 11 2017, 03:00 PM
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Anarchus was one of the first Mercenaries I ever traveled with extensively.

Unyielding, uncompromising and without fear.

One of the greatest Leaders of the faiths Of Light.

He will be missed and remembered.


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post Aug 12 2017, 12:22 PM
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I wish to only say I will carry on the work of Michael and fulfill the tasks you given me.

A legend.

Praise Michael


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