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Posted by: RichFromant Apr 18 2017, 08:30 AM

A day late on the weekly update this week due to the Easter weekend and me reffing yesterday. Was a busy weekend for us at the caves, thanks to all those who stepped in and helped out with monstering to make sure everything could run.

This week has the Rasha 2 day running, it has 24+ people involved so currently looking very quiet at the caves, this is however option still to run something. The caves is open Saturday for young players, so that would be the best day for something else to run. Fi has made a start on a thread here:
If you are interest mention it there. What we really need to get things going in someone willing and able to ref... any volunteers?
What we have booked so far is:

Young players – Being reffed by Laura and Rich E, currently has 4 players booked and no monsters, you need to get booking on to make sure this runs.
Rasha 2-day, being reffed by Huw and Grant at Pinewood Scout Camp in Addington, about 15 minutes from the caves. This is starting about 9am Saturday and will finish up by 6pm Sunday. We could do with 1 more monster for the weekend, but people are welcome to come and drive by monster any time if they wish. There are more details on the extended length forum, or get in touch with me or the refs if interested.

Currently nothing

Further Ahead
Extended lengths are coming thick and fast now, still plenty of spaces on the crewing front if you want to get involved, as well as spaces to play the 5250 in September at Polyapes.

Overlands are going well, the decent weather making them a nice day out away from the caves. We have plenty more booked in, although some needing more refs and players. Currently booked in next couple of months are:
29th April – Open Max 1500
20th May – Max 3k Mortai Guild Special
21st May – Max 4k Claws of the Circle Guild Special
4th June – Open Max 1k Sylthantian Themed
1st July – Max 5250 Church of Unity guild Picnic

Rumours and Gossip
Simon from Eldritch was down at the weekend and has stocked the cabinets back up with a new collection of swords and shields. Highlights include a few 2 handed great swords and a couple of Jade coloured swords

Following the Amlas 3-day the armoury has gained a few new sets of tabards, including some special sparkly multicoloured numbers that you will hopefully see on a dungeon near you soon!

Posted by: RichFromant Apr 19 2017, 06:26 PM

An open Max 1k has been added to the boards for Saturday. People should book on if they are keen to make it run. What it really needs if a referee if anyone is able to step in to do it?

Next week we have a couple of dungeons running during the week as well:

A Tuesday club Max 600 single length being reffed by Giles. Has 8 players and 3 monsters already, but means still room on both sides if people want to come join us for the evening

Unbalanced DORAC Guild special reffed by Sam M, tying in to the Almacsar myths plot, but open to those not playing myths. Currently has 4 players booked and no crew

Posted by: RichFromant Apr 20 2017, 05:46 PM

Saturday's max 1k has Julian D as its ref, currently only at 4 players and no crew. Get booking on if you keen to be at the caves Saturday.

If you want to get your Laby fix Sunday, then doing a drive by at the 2-day running 15 minutes from the caves is always welcome, see this forum for details:

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