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Labyrinthe Forum _ Reference Data and Useful Information _ New "crew" Incentives

Posted by: duncanmatthias Sep 10 2014, 02:40 PM

The below are all new monster incentives, designed to increase the number of crew on our dungeons. They apply to ref’s a-ref’s and monsters and are effective immediately.

Morning Incentive.
Should anyone book off of a dungeon they were booked to play on the morning of the dungeon (or by earlier agreement with the booking line, probably in the case of refs) they may sign monster points on their character as if they had played. This must be done at the desk, and will be recorded on the “desk de-brief sheet”

Daily incentive.
Table 3 monster point items created from now on may be used by any character not just those over 3000 points.

Monthly Incentive.
If you "crew" twice in a month you may make one item BNBUOD for free. This needs to be done at the caves, with Kat/Duncan or suitable representative.

Annual Incentive.
If you sign up to the annual crew incentive scheme, which you can do multiple times, but you are signing up to it either as a monster, an a-ref or a ref and you will do that once a month for a year. You must sign up for a year by the 1st November 2014 you can sign up for one or two or three of the above. You will at the end of the year gain the following if you have monstered/a-ref/refd once each month. E-mail the booking e-mail to sign up, you can start from October or November which ever you prefer.

Ref: 48 ref points, + 1000 monster points + 21/7 DNBUOD life item for a character of your choice
A-ref: 24 ref points, + 1200 monster points + 21/7 DNBUOD life item for a character of your choice
Monster: 12 ref points, + 1400 monster points + 21/7 DNBUOD life item for a character of your choice

Alternatively you may trade in the above bonus and gain 750 points onto a character of your choice.

General incentives
From time to time we may offer extra incentives to increase numbers, on "special weekends" or themedays, for example, these will be detailed elsewhere on the forums in the coming weeks and months.

Posted by: duncanmatthias Sep 12 2014, 02:42 PM

As an additional rule to the morning incentive above. Should someone have booked off to monster, it is not possible after this for someone else to book on to play.

Fair is fair


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