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> Non-supernatural healing ideas
post Mar 5 2021, 11:10 AM
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I'm trying to make sense of a bunch of my Orc's non-supernatural healing stuff; early 90s, Jan/Bruno; complicated in it's own right, combos, layers of different things.

All pre-Scout Book, so there are added complications from the changes to Snufflers (can now have Make Healing Potion as a skill) and a bunch of new skills like Bandaging, the Chiriurgeon tendency and Healing Facility , Monk Loc for scouts and Hero Alchemist/Pre-prepared...

...meaning if I Monk-Loc a wound, bung a 2pt salve on it and a treated bandage on it, taking at least 60 secs, it works out a fair bit north of a flesh&blood Cure Grievious... on paper, at least, and needs a good GSMing.

I'm wondering it I should just revise it all into a new single ability, or a multiclass or something, make it a bit easier to rationalise.

Anyway, I'm Fisher-ing for non-supernatural healing ideas.

Who has what? Who's pushed down a Monk Loc tree, developed bandaging further, gone master chirurgeon or similar?

What have you got, folks?
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post Mar 5 2021, 03:04 PM
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Hey Simon

Jullian Wiffen had a great druid / scout type character that combined EP and potions / bandages to great effect

Richard Fromont has the modern day potion maker character and best for insight

Personally, I've never tried because you soon find most of the party are immune to F&B and/or physical. The points invested to have it apply just to yourself (especially as a character that rarely gets hit), aren't worth it.

However, the usual tricks are combining potions with bandaging. General potions stacking with healing potions and salves etc. So Endurance gives more life and 1/3 of that becomes loc. DAC potions stack and anything over max AC becomes a numerical.

For healing, a tblp potion, bandaging and a salve should do a lot if it takes time to apply.

As for re-applying, I wouldn't - I'd run it past Lee and I'm sure he will likely okay it

Hope this helps

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post Mar 6 2021, 12:36 AM
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I have a scout with some good bandaging skills.

Most are obvious but using 10 bandages (just ordinary cloth) and some time and a limb could be reattached.

Choosing to do TBLP or LOC was also useful.

Having Monk loc to use between bandages is also a boon.

Ask Will Power about bandaging and his Cavalier Leon de Fontaine. We got a LOT of free healing out of it. smile.gif
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post Mar 6 2021, 08:25 AM
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Ive got a ships doctor who uses monk loc. It does TBLP and Loc, I get a free block of 12 per person per day before (which is by far the best bit of the character), I can double its effectiveness by doing surgery instead of "rubbing", and can use 24 and 36pts of monk loc respectively as cure disease or cure poison.

At about 1k it really starts to feel like its running short - 18 goodly spirits pump out as much healing as I can with the build.

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post Mar 6 2021, 03:31 PM
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[Have points app passed based on Acupuncture which I can only use on other people not self

Basically allows me to buy up the healing tree as a Paladin, each innate takes 10 secs per SP to "cast" (so a Total heal takes a minute).

In theory it allowed me to buy up to and including res (but never did, then it got "green penned"). I would probably be able to extend that these days.

Extending Monk Loc allows me to:

Do it in blocks of up to 30
Can spend 20 points of Monk Loc to make a wound curable which otherwise would be perm or only curable after certain period of time.
Monk Loc done by me or to me cures TBLP
Buy 6/2 for purposes of calculating Monk Loc only (no limit)

Plus the usual (I thnk) 5 x TBLP in Monk Loc

Ki Staunch - cures all damage to one loc

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post Mar 12 2021, 12:37 PM
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I've got a multiclass that makes my monk loc regen 1 per 5 minutes, and post 6th I can buy upgrades at the same rate as a troll.

The multiclass also lets me redistribute my healing between TBLP and locations as I see fit.

This means that when I've got all the standard troll regen upgrades (triple rate, regen each loc and TBLP cured is equal to the total loc cures), I get 21 TBLP and 3 per loc per 5 minutes, which I can redistribute as 42 points to spend wherever I like.

It's far more efficient than regular regeneration because it keeps accumulating in its pool while I'm at max health and waits until I need it later, so the amount of healing I can get out of it in a day is bananas.

This is on an evil chi perfect monk though, so I've already got restrictions on where my other healing comes from and I already can't use the monk loc on other people.
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