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Posted by: LauraSB Nov 22 2016, 01:07 PM

So I gave the option of doing a set of related games next year, and the over whelming vote was to continue my Amles series of games. So I have got a story ready to go (just need to actually write some dungeons) now so I will give out some early info.

It is currently imagined as 5 games.
It will be both a continuation of my previous plot but also a new series of games.
So new characters are great and if you want to play the same character is a related series of Games, now is the time.

I personally would love people to play the same Character throughout these, it means that a character can develop and I can set cooler things if I know character personalities, classes etc. Nothing like me setting an item no one wants or can use happy.gif

You don’t have to be Oriental, but know you will be in those lands (mostly lawful with a dislike of chaotic things, but that can be fun too), and you will be going to several different areas on Amlas throughout this, so you will get to see some Clan differences hopefully.

As it is starting next year I haven’t got dates yet, but I will likely be giving some preliminary ones soon, also If some of the Young player or there Guardians read this, I would like to know if you want 1 each month or every other kinda thing ( I will not be going weekly… ) and would people like the end one to be themeday styled (I wont be able to get those 15 year olds anymore, they are likely to be 16 at that point so normal monstering applies).

I will probably be reffing a few last min random games as well as these, so YP ref organizers, dont panic about not seeing me/ escaping me wink.gif

Posted by: LauraSB Dec 14 2016, 03:31 PM

First 2 games are;



get booking

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