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> The Shire of Little Hollow, Observations from a Traveller
post Oct 21 2016, 10:59 AM
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Little Hollow

Little Hollow is a hafling village located in rural Alguz. It can be found mid-way between Telman’s Slope (home to the Talthari Grand Abbey) and the trading town of Thannet. It is rumoured that the grounded domesticity of the folk here and the place itself adds to the primal strength of Alguz, but the locals don’t pay much heed to the claims of outsiders who spend too much time with their noses in books, nor poke those same noses in to the business of others.

Like most of the hafling folk, the inhabitants of Little Hollow are quite content with the quiet country living, and company of their own kind. Keeping themselves mostly to themselves – with the occasional trip to the big folk markets and tavern in Thannet (they sell beer in pints there you see) .

They also have intermittent visits from priests and mages at the Grand Abbey, all of whom seemed to have a liking for the “meditative” qualities of the Little Hollow pipe weed – which is all well and good, as long as the big folk keep out of things that don’t concern them. Its not unknown for other folk like dwarves and even elves to visit during the Ale Festival. The children of the village quick to point out and follow such exotic guests.

Little Hollow itself is the neat and domestic home to around 250 to 300 haflings, numbering all manner of professions from farmers to smiths, tinkers to toymakers, chandlers and tailors. Locals pride themselves on their pipe weed, although making home brew is another favourite past time.

There is a town council who generally follow the “if its not broken, then it don’t need fixing” school of governance, and also the woman’s circle, which although doesn’t hold any power as such is itself – has been described as “nothin’ short of a force o’ nature” by more than one male resident (usually if they have any sense – very quietly). They are unofficially responsible for the bustling - and ever expanding Little Hollow social calendar. There is also one Shire Reeve who works every other Tuesday and Thorsdays, and a gaol – which is usually full to the brim (of home brewing equipment, pipe weed drying racks, or pungent cheeses).

Following the manifestation of Talthar, and the Final Dawn’s of IM 1008, where Governor Bogginson’s rituaism took Alguz and its environs outside of the Realm of Glass, and IM 1009 with the completion of the Stairway to Heaven – things changed – and all could feel the presence of Talthar further as hope filled the already mostly cheery hearts . Since then, many in Little Hollow have found faith to some degree or another, and there is also a neatly tended way-shrine to the seven aspects of Talthar on the village green. The fact that the Talthari symbol is made up of rings is nothing but mere coincidence.

Pillars of the Little Hollow community/known individuals –

* Andwise Tosscobble – Town Councillor
* Rorimac Underbough – Town Councillor
* Bertrum Brandywood– Town Councillor
* Tobias Greenshanks – Owner of the Green Carrot tavern
* Morro Bracegirdle – Shire Reeve and Tinker
* Marigold Goodbody – current secretary of the Woman’s Circle.
* Sammy Shortwick – Farmer from Downhill (actually uphill, but looks downhill – makes perfect sense to the locals).
* Leonard Longfoot – Farmer from Up Hill (actually downhill, but looks up hill – makes perfect sense to the locals).
* Warwick Winterbottom – nephew of Harcourt Winterbottom, himself into his “adventures” - known to consort with all manner of odd types.

Notable Places within the village of Little Hollow –

* The Green Carrot Tavern
* Wick's Hill (the posher bit of the living areas, bigger hobbit houses of the well to do.)
* Tosscobble Mill
* Village Green and Shrine
* Towne Hall
* Market Square
* The Ale 'n' Thistle Inn
* Uphill Farm
* Downhill Farm
* The Baited Badger Public House and Hostelry
* Village Gaol
* Bracegirdle's Smithy
* The Pie Hole

Notable Places within the Shire of Little Hollow and this part of rural Alguz –

* Tabac/Pipe Weed Fields
* The Muddy Marsh ('ere be Trolls)
* East Fellwyn Barrows
* Grotfroth's Kragg (Thieving Goblins)
* Weevel Brook River
* Hapgood's Rest
* The West Whalloping Watch Tower
* Over Hill
* Dundale
* Themthere Fricken Hills
* The Flatland Falls (Waterfalls)
* Gold Rock and Morantier (Dwarven Hold)
* Brambleberry Woods
* Old Tellman's Folly (site of a battle in years gone by)
* Big Puddle Lake
* The Bright Dell Forest (Fey Folk)
* Entsong Grove, and Druid Standin' Stones
* The Flooding Fields
* Wyrde Burr Nook (Angry Gnomes)
* The Stream of Rust

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