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Posted by: RichFromant May 8 2017, 07:59 AM

The count down to the kit fair has begun, will be busy week this week for Kat and Duncan sorting out all the last bits and pieces for it and getting the caves ready for Saturday.
Our biggest need currently this week is for a ref for Sundays Max 1500, if anyone is able please book on. Although more crew either day would be good.
On to this weeks events:

Max 500 Tuesday club, in need of some more players, currently only 5 booked, with Paul D reffing and already full on the crew front with an a-ref and monsters. If anyone else is at a loose end tonight then you are welcome to come along and help prepare the caves for the weekend- it will mainly involve sweeping. Although would rather more players then cleaners smile.gif

Super Saturday! All the main details of the plans for the day are here:
Dungeon wise, we have the following:
Open Max 5250, being reffed by Lee D, has 12 players, an a-ref and 1 monster, so could do with some another monster or 2
Max 1500 morning and afternoon single lengths, being reffed by Gordon and are linked but is possible to play just one or both of them. Has an a-ref all day and 1 monster for the morning, but what is really needed is a few more players as only 4 currently booked.
All day new player Pre 8th, Rob B has stepped in to ref this, has 10 players, most of who are new to the caves so coming down to try it out. We really need an a-ref and a couple of monsters to help give them a great day.
2 hour taster sessions – 10am, 1 pm & 3.30pm. Being reffed by Chris G, these are designed to give new players a taste of Labyrinthe. The morning 1 has 7 players and an an-ref and 3 monsters, the other 2 looking lot more empty. If you have friends wanting to try the caves these are the perfect thing to come show them what it’s all about.
As a reminder, if you want to book on to do more than 1 of the single lengths or taster sessions you need to email Duncan on
In the evening we are having a BBQ and drinks in the marquee. Its bring your own drink, but there will be burgers and sausages being cooked up that are free.

Max 10k St Michael Guild Special, being reffed by Will and has 1 monster, currently 9 players booked so could do with an a-ref and another monster.
Open Max 250, being reffed by Graham P, has 7 players but no crew. Is in need of an a-ref and a couple of monsters.
Max 1500, 8 players but no ref yet, obviously really needs 1 ASAP. Also need an an a-ref, although does have 1 monster booked already.

Future Events
As a reminder, final payment for the Peons of Power 2-day and BAM Liberation 3-day is now due, if you still owe this please pay up! There are a couple of spaces on the Peons of Power low level event if anyone fancies it, see the extended length forum for details.
The July Max 3k 4-day at Perth-Y-Pia is also in need of some more monsters, is one of the best sites that we use and a level that will be suitable for newer monsters to come and learn a lot about the system. If you are interested get in touch.

Rumours and Gossip
Plans are well underway for this years Final Dawn event which is being master reffed by Pete L. He does however need some co-refs, if you would like to be involved reffing it with him them drop him a message. I will post confirmation of dates and things in the next few weeks.

The Bickley Pub is now closed for a few weeks for refurbishment, due to re-open on the 26th with a big opening party on Saturday 27th when it will becoming a pub and steakhouse. Next Saturday is drinks and BBQ at the caves, I imagine the Sunday and following weekend people will probably go to the Ramblers Rest.

Posted by: RichFromant May 11 2017, 07:15 AM

Super Saturday looking ok for numbers, although I know there are a few people who are planning to come down and do something but haven't booked on. If you could book on it would help us be sure we have enough numbers for everything without worrying about it on the day. Plenty of player spaces still up for grabs on the 1500 and taster sessions

Sunday is looking slightly more of an issue currently, hoping that Andy W can confirm today he can ref the 1500, which would mean all 3 of the dungeons would have a ref, but only 1 monster each as currently no a-refs booked. If anyone can help any of the dungeons out it would be great.

Posted by: RichFromant May 12 2017, 10:38 AM

Adding another bump, mainly for Sunday. Andy W has stepped in to ref the dungeon but what we really need for him and the other 2 dungeons that day are a-refs. If anyone is able to do it please book on or let us know that you are intending to come.

Posted by: ChrisB May 12 2017, 11:41 AM

I can A Ref for Andy, but as it stands it doesn't make a difference as I'm the only Monster book on

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