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Labyrinthe Forum _ Weekly update _ Weekly Update

Posted by: RichFromant Jul 10 2017, 08:06 AM

Is currently looking a quiet weekend this weekend at the caves due to the 2-day going on but if you want something to run get in touch.

The caves are open as Duncan and some others are down to complete some more work on the 2-story building, however there currently aren’t any dungeons booked!
If anyone keen to ref, play or monster then let me know and we can get something booked in

Yeoman No Max Guild Special, being reffed by Pete L and tied in to his plot for the Final Dawn. It has 9 players and an a-ref already booked but could do with a monster or 2. Kev J is the organiser if you were interested in a suitable guest spot

Max 3k – Currently 4 players booked but no ref or monsters, anyone fancy stepping in?

Further Ahead
Tuesday Club is back next week, being reffed by Pete as a max 1500. Currently has 4 players but needs some crew. Get booking on to make sure it runs!

This weekend is also the first of a busy few weeks of extended lengths:
1500 Trouble and Strife 2-day – Full on players and crew
Max 3k 4-day – There are still a couple of player spaces and monster spaces for this event at Perth-y-Pia, if you are interested get in touch
Almacsar Myths – Is after an experienced monster or 2, may be chance for extra players as well if you chat to Sarah.

Rumours and Gossip
Obviously with people away on events over the coming weekends there are likely to be less people at the caves each weekend so make sure you book early to ensure the dungeons you want run!

The next Almanac is due out fairly soon, keep your eyes peeled for when

Posted by: Onasuma Jul 12 2017, 10:14 PM

What times is house-work going to be on Saturday? I'd like to come and help at least for a couple of hours.

Pete Long

Posted by: RichFromant Jul 14 2017, 07:41 AM

Duncan will have to answer the questions about the work day, I am not sure.

Sunday we now have the Yeoman dungeon in need of an a-ref, if anyone can help them out?

There is a max 250 Children of the Dusk guild special, but refs and organisers are very open on this and keen to get it to run, there is a thread on the boards about it and is basically ok to play characters up to 500 points.

The 2-day down the road in Addington also has space for a couple of monsters if anyone wants to come join us there.

Tuesday club next week is up to 7 players and has a ref, a-ref and 2 monsters, so looking all good to go on both fronts

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