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Posted by: RichFromant Aug 7 2017, 07:38 AM

The rumours from this years myths have started to come in now myths has finished and sounds like it was an eventful and fun week for the players. The short break now before the September events will give us a chance to start making plans for next years events, so stay tuned for that. In the mean time this weekend we have only 1 dungeon currently each day, although once Duncan back and recovered will hopefully be adding a lower level open one each day but welcome discussion on threshold.

Fables & Myths Lead up – Getting ready for the 5250 3-day in September being reffed by Rob B and Ed H, there is still spaces on this and on the 3-day event itself. Currently has 2 monsters booked for the 7 players

Proposed Max 500, will need a ref and some monsters if people want this, or dungeon at another level, to run

Mistbound campaign max 5250 – being reffed by Rebecca as part of the ongoing campaign to help save Port Meire. Currently has 6 players, an a-ref and 1 monster, so needs more of everything

Proposed max 1k, will need a ref and some monsters if people want this, or dungeon at another level, to run

Further Ahead
We have 2 more extended lengths coming up this year, both which have space for more players, would be good to have them filled up and finish what has been a good year of events on a high. They are:

Max 10k 2-day - 2nd/3rd September – Being reffed by Rich C, Giles A, Martin W and Ryan K with a pro-primus/empire & yeoman type theme, is looking set to be a tough but fun weekend at Pinewood Scout Camp in Croydon. Currently 4 player spaces available and costs only £100 for the weekend. Is full on crew.

Max 5250 3-day - 15th-17th September – being reffed by Rob B and Ed H, is an open event, with the party currently having a fair few knights of the land on it. Is being run at Polyapes scout camp and currently has space for a couple more players and ideally needs 3 more monsters. The event costs £235

There is further details on both events in the extended length sub forum, would be great to have some more people involved in them.

Tuesday club is back next week, being reffed by Giles. It currently has an a-ref and 5 players, so looking ok but does need some monsters and more players to book on to ensure it runs

Rumours and Gossip
With a bulk of extended lengths over and done with, look out in the armoury for some new props and tabards appearing on a dungeon near you soon.

Julian D completed his first day on the desk on Saturday, so we welcome him to the desk team and the extra power it brings to his signature smile.gif

Please remember Duncan has only just got back from myths so will have a backlog of emails and paperwork to deal with, so may take a short while to catch up.

Posted by: ZoeMercer Aug 7 2017, 09:32 AM

Sorry Rich - Might be being a touch blonde. Dates for these extended events please?

Posted by: RichFromant Aug 7 2017, 09:35 AM

Have added them in above, but the 10k is the 2nd-3rd September and the 5250 is the 15th-17th September, would be great to have you involved!

Posted by: RichFromant Aug 9 2017, 09:49 AM

Paul B has offered to ref on Sunday and been some interest in a max 1500 so we have added this to the event diary and is now open for bookings. We will take a look tomorrow to see if enough players and crew to run so getting booking on if you want to make this happen.

Desk and armoury slots are also free on Sunday

Posted by: RichFromant Aug 10 2017, 07:08 AM

Saturday's lead up is all good to go with 8 players and 4 monsters.

Sunday's Mistbound dungeon has 5 players and the 1500 has 4, ideally they could do with a couple more each but will run as they are. We could do with a monster for the 1500 as well, if anyone is free to help out

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