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> Mercenary Muster this coming Final Dawning, (I/C - Brief for the Final Dawn)
post Dec 15 2017, 10:01 PM
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Calling all mercenaries,

As the final days of IM 1017 are dawning Primus once more needs your aid in combatting threats to the land and cities most of us call home.

Your assistance is required to counter the emergence of the Titanic creatures seen across the land, along with those who may be influencing them - linked in with the emergence of Amber magick's and House Sancree.

Please muster on the 28th Day of Deeber at the Yeomanry Quarters in Sellaville - where more information will be shared and discussed.


Warwick Winterbottom
Senator for Mercenary Affairs

The devil comes to Moscow wearing a fancy suit. With his disorderly band of accomplices including a demonic, gun-toting tomcat he immediately begins to create havoc.
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post Dec 22 2017, 07:15 PM
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Merry Meet,

I'll be in attendance. It's that time of year to dust off my spell book, capture some fresh frogs and newts and prepare some baked goods.

So, i caught a rat (it made a right mess in my tavern) with some poison, and decided to read through it's entrails. It seemed burnt and charred on it's insides (this was before I got there, so it wasn't me!), and there was lots of scarring. Smoke also seemed to emit as I cut it open.

I see much fire and smoke in our future. People should pack their burn salves, and walk through fire spells and talismans if they have them. Failing that, I'm quite good at protecting people from fire. As well as burning them to death with it. (You may have heard of me from my famous 'Flaming Crucifixion' spell.)

Anyway, you hear a lot as a house spirit. I was cleaning this tavern in Halgar the other day. There was this little old lady sat on her own. A group of people clustered round her, and I could hear them gossip about the end of the city and the crumbling Empire. I mean, I didn't interfere, I was busy as the tavern was very dusty. Apparently the end is nigh (in a few weeks!) and something about a rebellion against the Empire.

So, tavern all spick and span I went back to see my friend Tangle in Deci. Again, minding my own business, cleaning some of the local taverns there. I was approached by several sets of parents throughout the day, asking me about missing children.

The first couple of parents that approached me, I just assumed that their children were murdered by Drowe, but assured them all would be well, and - the children will just turn up - as they do. But when the third parent approached me (3 is a powerful number after all) I thought it would be worth investigating properly. So, I asked all the local dwellings to see what they could see... and it was nothing. I then tried the direct approach, the Greater Communication miracle - but there was nothing. Definitely a blinkered eye, you can just tell after all this time. It's to do with the final dawn, for sure.

None the less, I'll be around to help. Who else is coming?

Oh, and bring a bottle. An empty one. Over the years my many, many potion bottles have scattered through the Empire! I'll happily knock up a batch of potions for everyone in attendance of their choice, just come and see my nice and early before I get too busy and I'll make a potion of your choosing.

I've got a few wondrous Elixirs kicking about. They aren't free - but bring your grulls and I'll sell them at a reasonable price. I have a few Troll's Blood Elixirs, and some legatic and calming incenses.

I think that's all from me for now. I look forward to meeting old friends, making new ones and defending our beloved home from the threats of the Dawn.

Blessed Be,

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post Dec 22 2017, 10:07 PM
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OOh, Ooh, before I forget: This Amber Magic stuff isn't right.

Its not proper Amber Magic.

Manipulating Time is about Control and Order but this stuff is Wild and Chaotic, something's wrong with it.

I'll try to remember to be around at the Final Dawn and help out blowing things up with Stormblasts and looking sternly at people messing with Time.

Sylph and Minor Time Traveller

Grey's Law: Any sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice...

PS, Yes, I know my PM Box is full. Email me instead... (Which you can do through the forums email)
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post Dec 22 2017, 10:34 PM
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I will be there to defend the exostance once more.

This time the plan is to not jump over a warding.

Tarek Ghaffari Baetan Baq
Hetyan of the Wahadamune Clan

Only the good die young.

Tarek - Ishmaic Psi/dancer Golem -
Kurai - Amlesian Monk
Jata - Amlesian Troll Shaman
Laurelion - Ebony Drave Silver/Jade Wizard
Killian - Half Dark Elf Red Warlock
Joshua De Fontaine - Healing Pure Priest
Sun'so - Amlesian Wizard
Amatir - Mortimancer
Sparek - Black/Brown/Silver Faerie Blanket
Alfie Autumn - Human Mystic with a twist
Hilliam Wunt - Lets not talk about this one...
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post Dec 22 2017, 10:40 PM
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The Senator, Lord Stoneheart and Myself have been investigating heavily and collating much of what is known in the mercenary community. Our hope is to have a dossier compiled of all pertinent information for each group to avoid any issues with people claiming to be under informed.

As for Amber Magic in its current form it is being channeled to primus by the Duke of Amber and is not entirely right but it is just power all the same.

Louis Athanyn
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post Dec 24 2017, 05:33 PM
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The troops and militias throughout the Heartlands and Halgar have been recalled to duty.
Commander of the 13th
Baron of Wildport
Journeyman Magistrate of Earthholm

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post Dec 26 2017, 07:02 PM
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Hello i will be comming on the second day as my serfs have just told me the family artifacts are being washed on the first day, wouldnt do turning up dirty now would it.

So ill pop along and see what i can do to help.

Ive been told by father that we have no funds, so i will be unable to help with the errr peasant type heroes potions or kit needs. Unless you would like to become a house servant, sorry retainer.

Artamis Flashblade
Advisor to the General, 29th Legion
War Abbot Tryst

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post Dec 26 2017, 08:28 PM
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So i haz bin talkin to da shadowz dat da Totemz cast an i haz not seen any threatz to or wiv in da Broken Lands.

Ow’eva der r a bunch of da tribez dat haz gathered in anger at doze dat hav turned away from da ways of da tribez an fink der can b all civilised like an u know succumb to da heel of da oppressif empire, no offence jus sayin.

So da bleedin gobbos of new ickbiggle r probs gonna get der faces kicked in on account of tribal law an all dat.


Gordon Court
"The man with the barbwire soul."
Known to play: Amorphus, Mithaniel, Raven & Radiant
Cast of 2009: Amorphus, Ash, Cyric, Godstone, Kessel, Prowl, Mithaniel, Radiant, Raven, Strale, Void & Vorell
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Cast of 2011: Cyric, Hex & Prowl
Cast of 2012: Kessel
Cast of 2013: Amorphus, Golgari, Kessel, Marimar, Radiant, Strale & "Terry"
Cast of 2014: Amorphus, Hex, Godstone, Golgari, Ink-Eyes, Radiant & Strale
Cast of 2015: Amorphus, Karador, Radiant, Strale & Zaton
Cast of 2016: Zaton
Cast of 2017: Amorphus, Equinox, Godstone, Golgari, Hex, Karador, Prowl, Radiant, Variel & Zaton.
Cast of 2018: Amorphus, Despair, Equinox, Golgari, Karador, Lannary, Prowl, Templeton, Vanderlaine, Void & Zaton
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