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> Dangerous Individual - Ethan Crode !, Watch your Witches, and care for your Covens !
post Nov 11 2017, 11:42 PM
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Big an' Little Folk of Primus - I have some alarmin' news (mostly new) regarding the individual known as Ethan Crode.

Myself and some others have 'ad a few run ins with this chap before - and well safe to say ee's a bad egg. The followin' is a bit long but I feel needs to be shared.

If anyone has any further information I'd be right glad if you could share it with me. In the spirit of the Ring of Unity below is what I have recently found out for them thats interested. I'm right interested in anyone what has any bits of the jar I'm wafflin' on about.

A little over a year ago, the town of Gantrick was attacked by a Witch called Ethan Crode, who attempting to ritual strike the whole of the local noble House (House Morton) with a curse that would turn them into undead.

Crode devised some dark necromancy rite that allowed him to curse undead, making it more difficult to dismiss or destroy them. This plan was I'm glad to say stopped - but he was able to (just about) escape and get away. Ee's an avid student of anything to do with necromantic arts and had already began to change his form into an undead creature called a ‘Tomb Lord’ using various old tomes and scrolls he had come across. Ee should probably have got out more and made some friends, but I guess it takes all sorts.

Since 'is escape it seems ee's been travelling Primus looking for more and more knowledge of necromancy, or any ritual objects of power linked to the art.

I've managed to discover Crode has now split his essence/power into Canopic Jars and cannot be killed or destroyed until all the jars have been ritually dealt with in some way. If Ethan is ‘killed’ his undead essence returns to the closest Canopic Jar where it slowly reforms into a body. I discovered this information while within the protections of The Cradle in Bildteve. Many thanks to the church of Mortai for letting me spend time there (hope the pie and biscuits made up for any inconvenience!).

To make it even more tricky, the rite that created and empowers these jars means that they cannot remain close together for any long period of time so Ethan spread the location of the jars around Primus.

Recently one of these jars has been found and broken - I'd love to hear more from them what found it and did it. It was found in the Valley of Witch King in Ishma and was protected by a guardian. . Also if there were any rings (them what you wear) involved I'd also like to hear about them!

Its highly likely each jar will have a guardian or guardians given the usefulness of the jar and importance to Ethan Crode’s survival.

The Coven of the Valley of the Witch King were attacked by Ethan, his cultists and a large number of undead. Harlac, the coven’s Mother was ritually slain and raised as a cursed undead. Ethan was trying to slay the whole coven and the Crone, Belbinda, was killed in battle with Ethan and his forces but not before Semtac the coven, Maiden, had bene able to ward himself off against the undead.

The Canopic Jar was in a warding of both magical and spiritual power, and the jar could not be removed from warding until the guardian had been destroyed. The cursed jar then needed to be blessed, before a Restore Life miracle needed to be cast upon it. This cracked the jar and broke the rite cast on it.

This jar is one of 4!

Ethan has warded the locations of the remaining 3 jars and he himself cannot be scried about.

In Orgus he was in Rodanne and partly responsible for attacks at Party in the Park.

As he chose to attack other witches in Ishma, it’s possible he could have done the same elsewhere.

Given the last guardian invoked a ritual to bring skeletal undead into the area it was protecting, I'd suggest the best thing to do to discover the likely location of the 3 other jars would be to look for news of missing witches covens, and increased activity near or close to a coven of witches.

Also any sightings of Ethan, as its likely he will look to strengthen the forces protecting his jars now one has been broken.


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