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> Fish, Beware the Empire’s new law man!
post Oct 29 2017, 05:07 PM
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Yesterday, I took a hire in Scarlene with a group of mercenaries.

There was a man there called Fish (wears lots of armour doesn’t parry). It was a tough day but we all made it through and back to the Tavern.

Whilst we were getting paid, he killed the elf scout who had been helping us all day. He was not an outlaw but was not protected by the law.

Fish says he had to kill him because his master has given him orders to. I have been told his master is Lord Blunt.

This Fish man has broken no law. However, if you have the stones to live on the dark side or even the grey side of the Empire’s laws and you meet this man, it appears you should act first or regret it...

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post Nov 1 2017, 03:39 PM
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I don't see the problem.
In fact I think this fish chap should be congratulated as this elf must have done something wrong to not be protected by the law.

Roberto flashblade
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post Nov 1 2017, 06:49 PM
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Sorry if I have miss understood...

Magnus, are you advising the murder of the one known as "Fish" who by your own words has broken no laws....?

William J. Majius.
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post Nov 1 2017, 06:58 PM
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Surely if they are not covered by our laws then there is a good reason for this, Fish sounds like an upstanding fellow.

Maximillian Flashblade
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post Nov 1 2017, 07:17 PM
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If anyone was outside the laws of the Empire nobody found out about it, this has all been a misunderstanding.


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post Nov 1 2017, 09:26 PM
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Normally, as I understand it, if someone is Ostracised (not protected by the law of the land/Seers), it's normally because they have been sentenced for a crime they committed, and are living out their punishment, not "hey guys! This guy you can kill and no-one will care!".

Clearly anyone seeking these people out and killing them, or just killing they because they can, are no better than the psychopathic people who murder mercenaries because they want to. The only difference is that there is no penalty by Law. This sort of behaviour should be punished and not in any way seen as "heroic" or "doing a civic duty". They have already been punished for their crimes, they don't deserve to die by the hands of vigilantes.

Something should be done to prevent this murderer "Fish" before he decides to start killing common folk on the side without anyone reporting it...


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post Nov 2 2017, 12:02 AM
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Mmmmmm, a moral dilemma I see... well, for some it would appear... /smile

Being ostracised does suggest that while they have committed a lesser felony not warranting the gallows they have in effect been banished by the Empire so why would you tolerate such company or associate yourselves with them ?

My only regret with this sorry saga is that he was killed and his banishment ended swiftly, far better that he was released back into the wilds to gaze hungrily upon his former life with bitter regret and given opportunities to show that he was truly repentant while also paying back his dues to the people he had wronged either financially or in some form of serfdom (not slavery, thats something else before you point this out).

Nevertheless, I feel that their taint and rot will fester within your group and poison your honest intentions - they are not to be trusted and as most felonies have an element of dishonesty or gross criminal negligence you are better off not associating with them...

In fact, why are we even discussing this as no laws appear to have been broken... ?

If you find anymore within your group, please send them our way and we will gladly deal with them and offer suitable.......... ministrations......

Joram Hellion
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James Pink

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post Nov 2 2017, 05:06 PM
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[----] Fish.

Fish is a massive, massive ****. And a dick.

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post Nov 2 2017, 05:16 PM
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But Fish and me have travelled loads together and not all that long ago either...

And there I thought he was an upstanding citizen of Deci.

Renowned for being on the wrong side of the law... Almost every time I travelled last year...
Cutthroat from the Shadow Quarter.

P.S. Joram Hellion you probably should stay away from Deci with opinions like that... You can get ostracised for walking into the wrong tavern in our fair city.


i dOnT likE ThE iDea OF PeRmAnEnT... buT i hATe chAnGE!!
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