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> Overview of Tivoria
post Sep 11 2017, 10:46 AM
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Below is the document provided to us by the Grand Ambassador of Uychaira, the city which worshipped the Great Spirit Ailurus which, we believe, became the Watcher of the Ages.

Hopefully Dusk can add the symbols and list of settlements / spirits / symbols / members of the Pantheon of Seven.

Report to follow in due course when I have a moment.


Overview of the Plane of Tivoria

Tivoria is a large plane consisting of four cities and three natural communes spaced across two continents. The Continent of Mirivar contains the cities of Mivala and Qadena and the commune of Ganta. The Continent of Evodran contains the city of Nadena and the commune of Pheka. The commune of Bresa is located in the depths of the Malothra Ocean, which spans the space between the two continents. The Overcity, of course, travels where it will - but was originally located within Evodran.

Each of these citystates houses one of the Great Spirits of Tivoria; divine beings who grant us Their blessings and have shaped much of the development of our cultures and civilisations.

The City of Uychaira

Known as the Overcity, Uychaira is a neutral city situated within the Floating Mountain, an expanse of earth once situated within the continent of Evodran. It is renowned for its neutrality in times of war, and serves as an independent state without attachment to or hostility with the other cities. It prides itself on this independence and has prospered as a result of it.

It is home to the Great Spirit Ailurus.

The City of Mivala

Known as the Font of Progress, Mivala is a city that was originally built upon the Pridik Lake at the centre of Mirivar. Over time the city has earnt their name as the most advanced civilisation, the most risk-taking and the most ingenious and innovative. This advancement within their own city caused them to drain the Pridik Lake so that they could build into its basin, an act that led them to war with the commune of Bresa - a war that has been on and off again for many years, and has involved other cities and communes at various points.

It is home to the Great Spirit Setonix.

The City of Qadena

Known as the Soul of Conjuration, Qadena is home to the foremost magical scholars in the world. It is a very traditional society, renowned for a political landscape referred to as the ‘Game of Leagues’. The city is ruled by whichever League can curry the most favour and power at any given time. At present it is ruled by the League of Chroniclers. The League in control can quite considerably influence the position of Qadena within Tivoria as a whole, and as such there are few places with which Qadena has not been at war at some time.

It is home to the Great Spririt Lacerta.

The City of Nadena

Known as the Festival City, Nadena is a sprawling city that changes shape almost as often as it changes the theme of its never-ending party. There are very few rules and regulations, and it is a chaotic but vibrant place to be. However, this openness has brought them trouble in the past, and they have been at points drawn into the frequent wars between Mivala and Bresa, and they were even at one point themselves at war with Qadena. Each year they elect a Master or Mistress of Ceremonies, who acts as leader until the election the following year.

It is home to the Great Spirit Celesta.

The Commune of Ganta

Known as the Enduring Hearth Ganta is a commune located within the arctic wastes of the southern expanse of Miravar. The centre of their commune is a huge community located within the carved out interior of an iceberg. The people of Ganta are a warm and welcoming type, who place a lot of importance on family and blood. They have formidable armies which have turned the tides of many wars.

It is home to the Great Spirit Raphus.

The Commune of Pheka

Known as the Great Moot, Pheka is a commune formed within the harsh deserts of the eastern expans of Evodran. Though many of the people of Pheka were originally nomadic, they have developed so permanent a camp that over the centuries it has become a commune in its own right. Many of them do still come and go, but they always return to Pheka, which is a highly spiritual community. Whilst of course all cities and communes pay homage to their Great Spirit, for Pheka it pervades every inch of their lives, with no moment going without thought to the Great Spirit who guides them.

It is home to the Great Spirit Permael.

The Commune of Bresa

Known as the Embassy of Nature, the commune of Bresa is located within the depths of the Malothra Ocean. Bresa are in many ways the opposite of Uychaira. Where we remain neutral, they pride themselves on serving as a bridge between the other communities of Tivoria. Their underwater city has for centuries acted as a meeting place where treaties are signed and diplomats meet to negotiate. However, they do not have the strength of will to protect this sanctity of neutrality; they themselves have often been at war with Mivala, seeing their draining of the Pridik Lake (which was previously connected to the Vraxolt River, which feeds directly into the Malothra Ocean) as an affront against nature.

It is home to the Great Spirit Asteria.
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post Sep 11 2017, 04:44 PM
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Uychaira - Heptagram - Watcher of the Ages.
Mivala - Spiral - Rachane.
Nadena - Pentagram - Evaristus.
Bresa - Cross - Tinache.
Pheka - Circle - Kurshid.
Ganta - Square - Chisomo.
Qadena - Triangle - Chibueze.

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