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Rachael B
post Sep 2 2008, 03:09 PM
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The Church of Mortai has always had its fate tightly entwined with that of the Church of Shallya, now known as the Church of Shaehan. Initially it was an order of the Church of Shallya itself, a martial order following Shallya’s demi-God brother, defending his sister’s priests and battling mortal suffering in a different way. As such, in ages past when the Church of Shallya faded, so did the Order of Mortai. However when the hermit priest Lady Torwin Mortis Blacksoul stumbled across the ancient temple to Shallya in the Remus Hills, and consequently returned the Church to its former glory, the order was revived again as a part of this Church. With the new burst of faith filling the once forgotten deities, however, Mortai soon gained enough followers dedicated to his cause to become a full God in his own right. It was at this point that it was deemed best for the Order of Mortai to separate and become an independent Church, forever making the Church of Shallya a solely pacifistic Church, and the Church of Mortai one for militant priests only.

Under the lead of Squire, the Church of Mortai prospered and established a name and respect for itself. After many years of loyal and active service in his Lord’s name, Squire retired from mercenary work and without his great leadership the name of Mortai started to fade away from the public eye. There were still a few active members who did brave deeds and spread their faith to the populace, curiously the most notable being a Friar, Brother Bartholomew, who could often be seen among gatherings of the then Church of Shallya. However, as the years went by, new worshippers became few and far between; but this all changed on the outbreak of the Namer War.

In the Namer War, after a lot of grief and confusion, the priests of light worked together to try and keep the Gods from the future from destroying the Gods of that present. In the end there were differing results for differing churches, some fought their future selves and won, some lost, whilst others found other solutions, such as amalgamating both Beings. Mortai survived the War, his nature unchanging except for one thing. The ancient God Humakt, the Runelord who had warred against undeath for countless ages, had grown tired and weary and wished to pass on and transfer all responsibility to Mortai to keep undeath in check. Mortai accepted this role and so was alone in his attempts to maintain the boundaries that kept undead where they belonged. However, after the Namer when priests no longer prayed for all of the Gods of Light as well as their own deities but rather solely their own, Mortai started to feel the pressure of having so little strength given to him due to too few worshippers. The sole responsibility of overseeing creatures of undeath was too great for the little following he received.

Halvor Gowan, one of Shallya’s Cherubim, who had followed Her into the Namer and through the other side to follow the new Lady of Mercy, Shaehan, felt a strange tugging at his being. Like many other Shaehan priests, he had always paid homage to his Lady’s defender and brother God, but he had never felt such a strong calling to Mortai’s power before. On a quest with his friends among the Restless, Halvor was yet again in a situation where he felt healing powers were just not enough to help those who suffered at the hands of creatures whose very nature brought suffering. It was at this juncture where Mortai and Halvor helped each other to change their future existences; with Shaehan’s blessing, Halvor became the new spiritual leader of the Church of Mortai.

Re-establishing the Church as an open faith and spreading the word of Mortai, Halvor easily quadrupled the active members of the Church and welcomed Felix and all his Runepriests into it to fight in the name of Mortai. The Church is still not one of the large faiths in the Empire, its followers too scattered and few to maintain a Guild in the Volksraad, but the vigour and effort they put into practising their faith and warring with undeath will mean the name Mortai will be a long time in the forgetting.

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