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Rachael B
post Sep 2 2008, 03:08 PM
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Mortai is the brother God and defender of the Goddess now known as Shaehan, Lady of Mercy. Due to this and the history that they have gone through, it is not surprising that strong ties bind these two churches together and a priest of one will almost certainly pay homage to the other. Mortai shares her belief in the sanctity of life; all life is sacred and everyone has the right to enjoy it without unnecessary suffering. Whereas Shaehan preserves this sanctity through healing all ills, Mortai has the role of Overseer of Undeath across the planes, ensuring creatures of undeath do not stray outside the restrictions to which they are bound to interfere with this sanctity. It is too often undeads’ way to break through the boundaries of their home plane, whether through invitation or their own power, and invade the dead bodies of mortal people.

Undead cause suffering wherever they roam among the living, corrupting mortal bodies or feasting upon their life essence whether through hatred or simple hunger. As such Mortai priests will always seek to return these creatures to their plane of origin or, if suffering is being caused on the plane of origin due to clashes with the living, remove them from existence. It is due to this fact that Mortai priests are always martial in nature, and why paladins are often accepted as full members of the Church. The priests limited spiritual powers will be most commonly used alongside their weapons in their battle against undead. Daemonkind from other planes are not exterminated on sight, but antagonistic specimens will generally also be destroyed or banished, as their spirits are perversions of lost souls who are drawn to harm the living as well.

Mercy is a paramount virtue for the church, and they are therefore expected to harm no living thing except where it is essential to defend a life, and even then will do whatever they can to avoid causing death. There is one exception to this rule however; undead summoners. Those who raise undead willingly invite these foul creatures to taint mortal souls and spread suffering, and so Mortai’s followers will act against them as they see fit. However any who ask for mercy will be granted it; for example, in the case of an intelligent undead requesting it, the priest will work to find some way of freeing their spirit painlessly.

The Church is currently maintained in Revelstone, formerly known as the Barony of Roxbridge, where due to the joint efforts of the Mortai and Raven priests in the area no creature of undeath is welcome. The current High Priest of the Church of Mortai is his Avatar, Halvor Gowan, who will normally always be found in this town.

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