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> The Faithful Gathered, ~news from Sun 14/05/17 Guild Special~
post May 15 2017, 03:13 PM
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The faithful gathered on Sunsday morn at the Shrine of the Faith located to the East of Scarlene, following word from Francis Kolhurst of a grisly discovery and seemingly dark rites that had been enacted within the shrine some three nights prior.

The shrine itself is a well-tended with a sizeable flock of the ley faithful and was founded a little over two decades ago by the Kolhurst family. They should be commended for their dedication to maintaining this place of faith and no little importance over the years and through the generation succession that occurred when the founding couple gave their lives in recent times while fighting the demonic incursions that threatened Halgar and its citizens.

The architecture of the structure seemed reminiscent on the favoured plans used by artisans that constructed temple to Solis throughout Eldith that many luminaries may well recall, being that there were catacombs beneath accessed from the very altar itself.

The dark news is that Francis’s brother, Gideon, following the loss of his parents seems to have become distant from the more devout of his family and over time I believe seduced either directly by the Shadow of the first evil or through those furthering its power within the city of Scarlene.

Gideon was responsible for the despicable and ritual killing performed upon the altar of the shrine using the young son of one of the local faithful under the guidance of the Shadow. The purpose of these dark acts was to open a bridge between Primus and the Demonic real of Balathix, ruled by a demon lord of the same name. The gateway to this realm was coalescing within the catacombs that the shrine stands upon.

In short we were able to travel to Balathix and make our way to the architecturally strange tower that stood at the centre of the realm and proceed through the soul wind that was present at the height of the Lords domain and with the unity of our faith and the benevolence of the many and varied blessings Michael allows to flow through our forms defeat the Demon Lord.

While I greatly condense the deeds and actions performed in defeating Balathix I do not do so to demean the courage, strength and faith that was displayed by those present.

In the aftermath of Michael’s angels gathering us all in their wings to carry us to the sanctity of hallowed ground there are things that should be given thought and consideration too.

We encountered demons known as Harvesters that served Balathix and we know they seek those with humanity to flay and tear the souls from within leaving apathetic and listless husks behind. There may well be a number of these upon Primus or other worlds seeking to steal away the living, if so these will still be a danger and undoubtedly will be seeking new masters and domains to serve with the destruction of their Lord and his realm.

Our intention and dedication to save and usher as many of those that has been taken from other places and hollowed by the Harvesters were very much the right thing to do. That the destruction of the Demon Lord led to the near instant annihilation of the realm and all those that remained upon it troubles me greatly. I pray that the souls of the hollowed that returned to their vessels when they were freed have been given a new chance at life following their passing and that Tweegle’s presence has given them a gift to experience time and being that the Harvester’s took from them and Balathix sought to deny them.

The Shadow of the First Evil still looms large and Gideon Kolhurst remains under its guidance, willingly or otherwise and is clearly capable of great and potent acts of evil that endanger many lives. This must be remembered and I strongly advise spreading the word among the faithful and the mercenary community for any news or leads on this man such that he can be found and brought to justice and stopped from any further foul acts.

We are generally a martial faith and many of the blessed are at time more comfortable when combating the darkness first hand than surrounded by the mortal men and women of this world and another. Remember that it is the faith of not just ourselves but everyone believe upon this world that strengthens our Lord. Our actions and our deeds indirectly serve his power in far greater ways than individual the pure faith we can provide our Lord and to this end acting blindly and without true sight and wisdom is a danger we must all recognise.

Our connection to our Lord is a personal matter but his guidance is something at times we need with clarity. I will continue when able to craft scrolls of Greater Communication to replenish the scriptorium that resides upon my estates, from here when pilgrims depart to attend the Cathedral in Modred’s Rest I will send copies to be placed within the reliquary of the faith where those who need Michael’s guidance can seek it. I would encourage others within the faith to do the same should they be capable of such, I am happy to guide any of the faithful to understanding how Michael’s voice can be heard with clarity.

I would like to say to each and every one of you who gathered at the shrine yesterday that I was exceedingly moved at how you carried the faith and one another together as one light, listened and learnt from each other and showed a unity so oft absent. Truly the light of faith echoed through your presence as one.

Castiel, Gumm, Joshua, Picton, Tutor, Tweegle and Seth it was an honour to be in your blessed company.

Finally I would like to announce that Rangar saw in the darkness of the tower of Balathix a vision of the End of Days and with this certainty was guided to the light that the brothers around him stood blessed by. While within the bastion of heaven, a stronghold of the faith holding back the darkness of the End of Days, he took his oath and willing stepped to the side of our Lord. I look forward to extending my hospitality to him in the days to come and helping him understand the history and trials of the faith and the faithful that have shaped this world and others for the better.

Praise be too he who will stand at the End of Days.

Gordon Court
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post May 16 2017, 01:54 PM
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Thank you for allowing me to journey with you and the other members of your church.

I was honoured to stand with you as a brother Knight and I was glad to end the day also as a brother in Faith.

I look forward to learning more of the history and teachings of St Michael and joining you in future missions of Faith.

Champion of Light

Richard Eden (Real Life Human)
Aythor the Master Mulcher
Dolo Tenebras Dolo
General Arkus
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