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> The village of Stonehaven - results and consequences (part two), IC events resulting from the second campaign adventure
post Jan 31 2017, 08:39 AM
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Anyone with powerful sensitivity and comprehensive knowledge of temporal magic may have noticed an increase in temporal effects across the Empire over the last few months. Especially in a relatively isolated region of the Heartlands. You would however only notice these if incredibly sensitive to things of a temporal nature.

But on Starsday just gone there was a sudden burst of temporal magic from a small village near the Brandins that would have been felt by anyone with knowledge of such things. The village of Stonehaven now seems a focal point for temporal magic, it is like a perpetual beacon to anyone with a knowledge of these powers. And anyone visiting the town is aware their temporal powers seem to flow a little easier whilst there.

Also anyone who monitors ritual effects across the Empire would be aware a series of relatively minor yet noteworthy ritual protections have been enacted around the vicinity of the town and mines of Stonehaven, their aim simply to protect the inhabitants and turn aside those who wish ill to the denizens of the village or mines. Requisite mercenary hiring licenses and paperwork for such to be enacted were completed by Jeremiah Stonehaven, noble of the blood and lord of this village.


Those with an interest in mercantile matters cannot help but hear that a vein of high quality mithril has been found within the mines of the village of Stonehaven. The rumours are that the size of the vein is such that its like has not been discovered in many generations.

Already substantial funds have been made available to the Stonehaven family from money lenders eager to profit from such a valuable commodity. Wagons are reputed to be headed to the city of Thimon, heavily laden with this ore, as part of a trade agreement negotiated by Gregore, watch captain of the city. The wagons travel only at night, and for those who investigate there are dark rumours about the guards that accompany these wagons. Meanwhile trade envoys from the dwarves of Al Macsar have been seen heading to Stonehaven to potentially negotiate deals for more of the mithril. It seems likely more envoys will be visiting there soon as the word spreads.

The village of Stonehaven is flourishing, its populace have been showered with grulls from a visiting paladin named Da that have helped them swiftly overcome any discomfort they feel about taking over the homes of the previous inhabitants who so mysteriously vanished. Though some worry about the tales of undead residing amongst them, most seem to have swiftly adapted to life in the village, and construction has begun on several new homes and businesses. The Stonehaven siblings, Jeremiah and Sara, are proving to be generous rulers who share their newfound wealth with those who work hard for them.

However there are also tales that the Stonehaven family have begun quite widespread acquisitions of property and diverse businesses throughout the Empire. Most notably townhouses in Halgar and Thimon, and several trade caravan businesses in the south of the Empire.


Magistrate ‘Rus led a squad of guards in a successful raid on a warehouse on Sunnyside Street in Deci two days ago. They interrupted a slave auction that had just begun, and after a few judicial blows were landed the auctioneers swiftly realised they were outmatched and bolted for any available exits. Unfortunately for them, the building was surrounded and with minimal fuss, those responsible for this blatant breach of the Great Freedom were bound and gagged and dragged off to face Deci justice. A dozen or so criminals were taken into custody, both sellers and buyers, whilst about twenty captives were freed, a sorry bunch comprising mostly the dregs of the city, people who would not be missed and indeed most would seem to have little value as slaves, being crippled or mentally unsound. Though there was a small handful of exceptions that were more sound of body and mind, including two young girls with tearstained faces, who seem utterly overcome by their recent ordeals.

Only one man was seen to escape, a skinny fellow in dirty and torn robes activated some sort of crystal and seemingly vanished into the shadows as soon as the raid began. He had stood amongst the buyers, and ‘Rus was seen to be asking questions, quite forcefully, about this man before the rest of the culprits were dragged away.

‘Rus was true to his word, and the two young girls, Karolina and Marillian Ruthwaite, were delivered to the Deci orphanage that evening. And a messenger was sent from Deci the next morning, travelling to the village of Stonehaven in the foothills of the Brandins. The messenger carried a comprehensive report with all he had found out, from ‘Rus to the mercenary who had brought him the information about the auction.


Several small villages in and near the foothills to the Brandins celebrated the return of their kidnapped kin. They had been taken and held by an undead tribe deep within the Brandins, until a small but stalwart group of mercenaries killed the tribe and rescued them.

Apparently this mission was initiated and paid for by Jeremiah Stonehaven, and has helped to mitigate some of the darker rumours that were sweeping the neighbouring towns about what has been going on in Stonehaven.
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