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> The Eastern Waystation & Reports Available
post Mar 19 2017, 08:08 PM
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I’m sure Inquisitor Wilton will update the anomalies list, but though it might be sensible to start planning which anomalies to deal with next.

I’d suggest the following –

Anomaly #18
Location: Ruins of the Cathedral of Primal Sunlight
Nature: Secundal Reflection
Notes: Any attempt to investigate this anomaly through the map causes sudden blindness. This effect is fortunately temporary.

We have already start dealing with some of the consequences of the destruction of the Cathedral of Primal Sunlight, and so finishing this off would make sense, to build on any strengthening of that force that we have started. I’d also suggest that the goodly spiritual force of Primal Sunlight would be a good thing to encourage when the city is still suffering from the presence of the evil spiritual force of the Shadow of the First Evil. Sunlight, Shadow, that sort of thing. I don’t know if the Lord Inquisitor has any suggestions on that front, my knowledge of Certizal is limited to unhappy enocounters with its minions over the Dawn and subsequently.

Anomalies #19-22

Location: The Grey Tug
Nature: Varied
Notes: Given the nature of the Tug and its involvement in the empowerment of the Rite of the Ocean’s Claim it is likely that these anomalies are highly entropic and volatile. It is believed that they are all linked.

The Grey Tug was, if I remember correctly, responsible for moving Port Miere from Primus to the Nacht. It is probably a good plan to look into this to ensure that the City will be able to be returned at the next Dawn (and if there are problems with that, to start dealing with them now) and, as with the Inquisition building, secure anything that might be dangerous or useful to those threatening Port Miere. The anomalies here need to be dealt with as one, it may be we cannot deal with them and the Cathedral, but if we can then those would be my two recommendations.

I did briefly consider going for Salas’ Ritual Chamber but we cannot resolve that until we have captured Louhi, who is the anchor, and he is shielded from scrying. Unless we have reason to believe that he is going to go for the ritual chamber himself (and whilst we cannot scry about him, maybe the Inquisitor could have some sort of conditional or triggered scrying enquiries made about the building or its seals being interfered with), we may have to leave this. As and when we know he is going to the ritual chamber than we both need to move quickly and no longer have the problem of not being able to find Louhi. Dealing with the Grey Tug (which empowered the rite cast from the ritual chamber) could perhaps make the ritual chamber less dangerous, although I may be being overly optimistic here.

Hopefully that all makes sense, comments or suggestions welcome, I don’t pretend to be the expert on any of this.


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post Mar 20 2017, 09:57 AM
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All makes sense and makes it looks like we done loads while we were there on Starsday, although guess we did.

I am likely to be back on Eruldine for the next month or so, my year of travelling round the Empire and stuff is up, now got to go back and get a proper job, been a lot of fun though and will still try to make it over to the Empire as when I can to help out and see the mates I have made here.



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post Mar 22 2017, 08:40 AM
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Plot Dump NPC

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My thanks for the reports and notes given, they have made my work significantly easier after a difficult few days - which I shall explain more of towards the end of this notice. As expected I have updated the list of anomalies both with your successes and with a note regarding the anchor for Anomaly #1. If you could inform me for my records of what was done with the artifact of Tsu-Ling, I would appreciate it.

I see no reason that you cannot deal with both the Cathedral and the Grey Tug in a single muster - indeed, I would advise aiming to resolve at least four anomalies per day, lest we be put behind the curve with regards to our deadline. Either way as before I will require confirmation of your intentions as soon as possible so that I can pursue the required paperwork.

Speaking of paperwork, I have put in a request for scrying wards to be placed on Salas's ritual chamber. These will alert me as and when it is scried about or tampered with. I am already made aware when the waystation and map meet similar conditions (again, more on that below).

I would note that the Cathedral of Primal Sunlight was not destroyed at this Dawn, but in different circumstances in IM1013. I will look into pulling the records on those events for you if you so desire; I cannot confess to knowing them offhand myself, as I have only been employed by the Inquisition since we began working together.

Regrettably I must report that not long after your departure on Starsday, in the early hours of Sunsday, the waystation was attacked. We received a small amount of notice in the form of our scrying wards being triggered, but could not scry in return about those who had triggered them. Fortunately we were not alone in defending the building - after transporting you to us, Achramas of the Chosen Five had requested permission to examine Salas's map. She was allowed to do so for some hours with supervision, and was still present when we were assaulted.

The attackers wore nondescript armour and were masked and cowled such that we could not identify them. However they possessed a considerable amount of dark spiritual power which suggested that they were in the employ of the Shadow of the First Evil. We were exceptionally fortunate not to lose anyone during the assault, though it was a close call. Were it not for the ritual powers of Chosen Achramas I expect there would have been casualties.

However, we did lose something. Whilst we were defending against the attack, the reports we were preparing on Anomalies #24-40 were taken from my office. The guards present there when it happened reported seeing an alfari man appear in one moment, take hold of the reports and disappear in another. There was nothing they could have done given the speed of his transportation. I am certain you can echo our guesses as to who that was.

We succeeded in capturing one of the cultists as we repelled the rest of the attack. I sent messages back to the Inquisition to request one of the Imperial Seers be brought in to glean knowledge from the cultist's mind. However, before they could arrive, Chosen Achramas took it upon herself to extract this information forcefully. I must confess that I did not respond well. I do not believe torture to be appropriate in any situation, and made this plain. We engaged in an argument and, at its climax, Chosen Achramas left. Whilst I stand by my beliefs regarding her methods, I regret that it devolved into harsh words, and can only apologise that I may have impinged upon your working relationship with a figure of such import in Port Miere.

For what it is worth, we learned from the now deceased cultist that he was working for one that he called the "Exalted Darkness". Prior to her departure Chosen Achramas informed us that this was a title given to her brother Louhi by his Master following his resurrection two months ago.

Since that day we have been assaulted five separate times, though nothing more has been taken during those attacks. We have increased security considerably and are repelling them without great difficulty. It is my belief that the intention of these raids is not to steal from us but to harry us such that our progress is hampered. We are doing our best to proceed despite this, and have moved some of the administrative work to other (more secure) locations so that we do not fall irrevocably behind. The map must remain in place to retain proximity to Port Miere, however, so we will not be abandoning the waystation.

This will understandably delay the provision of reports on the second half of the anomalies list. We will nonetheless work on getting that information to you as soon as possible.

My apologies for the bad news; do not let it overshadow your victories within the city.

Inquisitor Wilton

- Rebecca
PS: My inbox is full on purpose. Please email stantz[at]gmail[dot]com if you need to get hold of me.
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