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post Sep 9 2013, 02:16 PM
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Additional information :

From the Ashes

The Immortal Pheonix is Xuetli and is one of the founders of the City of Gates. He was killed many times when Allockra (?) assaulted the city in antiquity. When the rulers of the city decided to lock themselves away he disagreed. In the end they bound him in ice which is the only way to stop him being reborn at the Dawn (A fact that will be worth keeping in mind should the decision be made to combat him).

He was since freed by Allockra who briefly consumed his soul and memories but at the Dawn he was reborn. Allockra sought alliance after this but was refused. Xuetli now seeks to use the dark spirits he has gathered to assault the City and reclaim it. He is indifferent to who he kills as part of this, but will only kill those who oppose him. I believe he is himself evil, but whether this was his original outlook or whether Allockra did this to him I don't know. Were he in charge of the City he would make more use of the gates than the current leaders to combat his enemies (Where I believe our aims are aligned).

He was very polite and was more than happy to give me some letters that he had sent and received. From what I was told he has made no alliances yet - if it is decided not to oppose him then I suggest moving to ally ourselves with him before others manage it.

Lord Mythas,

I have no interest in your offer. I do not need to work with an organisation that specialises in the keeping of secrets and stealing people's memories and souls. I know who you are and I know what you are and I have no wish to work with you in any capacity, especially after I suspect it was you who took me from my prison and attempted to consume my knowledge. You think because I have been ashes for thousands of years that somehow I would have lost my mind and all sense of reason? Clearly you are more of a fool than I would have thought.

I would have sent this, but no doubt you have spies in my midst anyway, so it will find it's way to your hands whether I send it or not.

The Immortal Phoenix

Lord Phoenix,

I sense that you are once again to be a power in this world and I am keen to help you in any way I can. It is my role in life to aid just and righteous causes where I can and I sense that yours is one such; indeed I have seen much of the good work you have done in and around Bildteve and wish to become a part of such. If I might come and speak with you to see what I could do to aid in your endeavours that would be greatly appreciated.

I would appreciate it if you kept this between us since there are those who would seek to bring retribution against me for even considering coming to speak with you.


Castanieux Lagrave


The people whom you have saved are more than welcome to travel to our lands if they wish somewhere safe to be out of the public eye. You say that you fear for them and that some might take retribution against them for something you have yet to do but must embark on. This worries me. It is never good to put one's soul in jeopardy no matter how just the cause may be. One's life, yes, one's soul, no. Please visit and let us talk. I am sure that we have much in common and probably a lot more than you might first think.

As you ask I will keep this to myself for now. Please do visit. Isobelle and I wish only to help.

High Priestess of Salvation


His psychic undead assaulted us whilst we were with The Taelevan Reborn. They were numerous and the trap potent - a mix of striking us mute, unable to read and an attempt to alter our opinions of others along with Whispered Blades guarding foci. This was a distraction for a ritualist to try and corrupt the gate the Taelevan guard.

A page from Allockra's library was placed there:

Awaken now to the Memory of Chains,
Life is sundered and Death is claimed,
By Yllren's Soul and Yllren's Hand,
With this memory I chain the Land,
Let Gates be Sundered and Power Fade,
For all is Snared and all is Chained.

Dark Song

The Dark Song were able to call upon Bamael, Yllren and Marsden. I know the names but little else. I know a fair amount about their undead but not the final bits as I was unfortunately dead.
Most importantly, Knights of the Song should be dismissed and not engaged in combat.

House Black
Rastur Black and his sons Edward and Ezikiel. I believe we spoke to Ezikiel who was interested to learn of Lord Wetherlaine's recovery. They should make strong allies.

Lord Wetherlaine

Here are the engravings from the tablets we found:

My last memory before imprisonment is that of my loving wife's bloodied hands standing over me and a knife, wielded by her, but not her own impaled through my chest. I remember toppling , falling and then my mind closing in on itself and entering this eternal prison. The creatures here seem to be trying to twist and warp my thoughts, break my mind and tear my memories apart. So will I write these notes, tracing the events of my life from the beginning to where I am trapped today. It pains me that I have failed to defeat the Tapestry of Whispers, but at least I know that our plan was with merit if not entirely correct. Now he would seek to destroy me and claim me as he claimed first my friend and my wife. I will not let him. Not if I have to wait here for a thousand years or more. I WILL NOT BREAK. DO YOU HEAR ME ALLOCKRA. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE MY MIND. NEVER.

I remember my father. He was always a kind man who missed the lands of his home before the Great Convergence which I never knew but which he spoke of much. It sounds much like this land. My father always said that Elehsvel Nourune had dreams of what the land should be and how people should live but that they were never true. There were wars like there are wars here, there were bad people like Mitoka Tegas, it was all the same except for the people, and the Thrones.

When it came time for him to pass on and become one with the Throne I remember him fading and his warm smile as he told me that his seat, the seat of Anorus Paralyne, was now mine. It was one of the proudest days of my life.

It was one of our greatest achievements, Rastal, Elizabeth & I. Bildteve, a shining beacon on the coast. A place for all faiths, a gateway from the water's edge to the land within. I will not let the memories of what happened later tarnish the greatness of what we achieved there. My only regret is that my father was not alive to see what we had achieved.

Rastal, if your memories are trapped here too, then know that I am sorry that you had but a glimpse of what we achieved, you always had the grandest of ideas.

This is the most important memory of all. It is the memory of the stand we took against the Tapestry of Whispers, the Swordsmen & I. I stood in my ritual chamber and wove the greatest rite I have ever devised, Vairilya Shoravall. We gave the choice of life to all the memories and souls trapped within the Tapestry; all of them, everywhere. All except the one that really mattered which we could not touch, the Tapestry itself. He resisted us, and so clung to the others that we had given a choice to, and so we fought. It might have been days, weeks, longer even. We battled will against will for the freedom and the lives of those who's memories he had falsely taken and claimed as his own. I am unsure, had I not fallen to my wife's blade, who would have won. He had the more power, but I perhaps, the more skill; and the Swordsmen hunted and hounded him day by day, slowly weakening him.

I am still unsure why the rite could not touch the Tapestry itself. In theory it should have given Tapestry the same choice as the others.

She is the most beautiful thing I ever saw in the world, so small and perfectly formed. I shall cherish the memory of her birth for all the years I am trapped in this prison for I know that thinking of her will give me hope. She was named after her mother and shows the ancestry of my father's line most strongly. Her green eyes already glow with an inquisitive sparkle and I sense that she will get up to a great deal of mischief in her long life.

I foresee that she will have a long life, though it, like mine, will be tinged with sorrow.

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post Sep 9 2013, 02:25 PM
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If you are talking about when the City of Gates fell, it would have been Dark Song that he fought, not Allockra. He must have fought in the City while we fought on the surface before the power of She who is Song was unveiled and so saved us, but in doing so formed the Ash Wastes.

I would suggest also that it's Rastal the Black (rather than Rastur). I remember him having sons of those names.

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