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> The Forge - The Beginning
post Nov 26 2007, 11:03 PM
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Steve Louch

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Amongst the quiet city Jander worked. He hammered a bar of iron from the forge and held it up to inspect the quality of the glow. Perhaps unsatisfied with one small part of the overall colour, he plunged it back into the coals whilst others worked the bellows to heat the charcoal fire.

Even as the hours passed still Jander worked, aware that others were doing so also. His own Held were scattered about the city doing similar and just as Janders work came to fruition so too did theirs. Each had made a piece of smooth, curved metal. Janders own was more complicated and at last satisfied he cooled it, polished it and then set it aside. He had no particular idea what it was that he had wrought. It had just seemed to him that it was something that had had to be done.

Taking his apron off and hanging it on a peg by the open door Jander fetched up his sword and cloak from where they had been left on a nearby stool. He looked out at the dirty snow as if seeing it for the first time. Certainly none had settled within three paces of the warm forge. It had been a long days work. Nights work even.

Spears who had served him once had returned and only waited his call. Near all had come from Eartholme, those that had not been found locally and as the year drew towards it death it was within the great horseshoe shape of the Forgotten Hills that the Forge felt most aware. He had a presence in Bildteve and Alguz but these were little points of bright light in the spread of the Forges domain. He was present there but it was within the Forgotten Hills he felt at home.

You have time to shoe a horse, smith? A voice asked from the door. The Forge took off his sword belt and cloak once more and fetched back his apron. It did not do to deny someone who needed the craft. Besides, he now realized, how many horses were there in Deci?

Bring it in, traveler. He opened the doors wider and looked at his visitor in quiet curiosity.Dressed in a cloak of green, a tunic of brown and britches of orange the young man who came within at the invitation had the sort of open, honest face that was at odds with everyone elses within as many leagues distance as it could ever matter. A light beard curled about his chin and upper lip, brown hair fell to the collar of his cloak. He carried no weapon. The horse in turn was a fine beast, reddish in colour and clearly fed and cared for.

The Forge inspected went directly to the offside left hoof and lifted it to inspect the lose shoe. Fetching a hasp he set to work.

Cold night.Aye, The Forge fetched a bar of iron and set to fashioning a shoe to fit. Though it seems not to bother you? Your cloak is dry for a man caught in the snow.
I have a long way to travel and there is much to be seen tonight.
Of course. He noted that his question had not been answered.
You do fine work? It would be good if you remember that a smith does not turn down work. You seem to be goodly fellow but you do a neutral craft. It is good to have things grounded a little. You know the Brandins?Of course. There is work to be done there?There is. There is a cave where once people of power sat down to discuss matters of the greatest import. Its door was shattered a few years ago, or damaged in any case. It would be seemly for it to have a new one. A good, iron doorway. It lies upon the Mountain where the griffons once could be found. Can you do that?The young man asked and the Forge agreed that he could.
That would be seemly. You have finished? Excellent! I must be off. Ah, but first you must be paid.
Not at all.
I insist.
Farwell, Forge.
Farewell, Primus.
The Forge hung up his tools once again, taking off his apron when he felt himself once more alone.

Divine Ascendance
The Forge
Pantheon: Primal Deities
Aspect: Demigod of Craft
Worshippers: Craftsmen and Warsmiths
Holy Symbol: Hammer and Anvil

Status: Champion of the Gold Drake
8th level Greater Drake Multirace
10k Gift: Regeneration
Golden Immortal

Having held the status of Champion of the Gold Drake for over seven years Jander has unknowingly picked up followers and worshippers. With the birth of the new age new Primal Deities, such as Spiter, Tsu-Ling and Milora, have come into existence and are not the last. Not realising Janders power Spiter miscalculated in the deceptions he perpetrated in Deci when he created a false Church to Jander Sunstar as the actual power of belief started to flow to Jander who turned out to be a suitable vessel for such. As a result of this he started on the path to become a Primal Deity.
The skill of Jander as both a weapons tutor and craftsman has drawn many devoted apprentices almost like pilgrims to Deci. After Jander acquired the contract to supply the legions he began to draw power from the simple unwavering faith the common soldier places in the sheer quality of JS Armouries weapons. The act of gripping a JS sword and shield is a silent prayer to The Forge.
The main followers of his faith however are the Warsmiths and metal craftsmen. Like the other Primal Deities Jander has been known to take on several guises allowing him to act for the greater good of Primus and just as most of the Primal Deities have strong links to geographical areas and specific settlements Jander is very closely associated with Deci where his foundries and workshops are and the peons have long regarded him with near deific devotion. All the Northern Cities are strong in his Faith as they all have his temples and are closely linked to metals, but Eartholme also has strong ties to him as the area was once the biggest collection of Decis oldest mines.

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