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Posted by: sonof May 12 2016, 06:16 PM

So take two as my phone restarted...

The new books are all but here, and here are some useful bits:
Points apps - I will not be processing points apps from next week onwards, so get them in by tomorrow. This will last 3/4 weeks to give me time to do all the bits with respend/checking apps/etc. I'll put a post up when you can start again.

Published vs non-standard: if you have a non-standard version of something that is now published don't assume you can buy both. Likewise check if you have any doubt how one of your current abilities works with a new ability.

Forced respends - where you can't have something/the new rules mean you have to do something different. This can be done at the desk/with any ref.

The published ability is better than my non-standard respends - these can be done with myself and duncan.

General respends - mostly for Druids I expect but these can be done with me for anyone except Druids, and with myself or Duncan for Druids.

Status'- there are three tier class statuses in each book. These are only available to people that start as a relevant class, not post 8th buy as etc. And for reference life, power, and live to do not stack from different statuses.

And some bits on each book:

Evolution - is now two books. Classes is the "all" post 8th table and advance classes. Races is the race specific tables, multi-races, and standard races.
For races it is worth checking base races as some have changed. Ebony drave innates have changed.
For classes immunities have moved to table 3 in a lot of cases and more are there.

Warriors - the big changes are the Paladin/grey knight/ap buy as. Also 1st class warrior sub-class buy as has got better.

Wizards - warlocks have changed. If you have on and want to stay using the current rules then please get this signed on your card at the desk, but remember you need to keep a copy of the rules for it.
Ebony has been powered up, honest...
Pact with the X has changed.

Priests - spirit warriors got better. Bless/curse on shields has changed.

Scouts - more stuff, not many changes though.

Neuronics - changes to base class restrictions.

Druid - changed, and now readable smile.gif it is possible you will need/want respends to sort yourself out.

As with anything this big despite the intense reading, power spending, use of the stats on dungeons, and general all round testing stuff might sneak through. So please say about it rather than trying to abuse it.

For ref's a lot of "hard" spells and miracles. These are designed for players because of the cost involved in getting the casting levels to get them, or the points to learn stuff. This doesn't mean don't set things, just think and it is probably worth avoiding all "x" or ryan will come out with something crazy.

I will NOT be able to answer stuff saturday as I will be busy doing six. However sunday and onwards I can.

For questions on the books please use the points app address and attach scans of relevant apps if needed.

I will put up a post (hopefully later tonight) about abilities that need to changed/checked based on the rules changes. The most obvious on is perm spell shields or don't need to cast spell shield to cast an enhanced spell shield.


Posted by: Rob May 12 2016, 06:44 PM

I know BBB has asked this elsewhere

I am not 100% clear

New rules apply from June

But like the guild changes can we choose to use stuff earlier? For example buy glyphs from new book etc?


guild changes should be in line with what was published a while ago, but use the ones in the book in case of confusion.

New stuff no. The delay (as you will see) is there for ref's and players, not just players.


Posted by: Estarriol May 14 2016, 07:04 PM

Shall I put "things that look wrong" (i.e. things where I think errata are needed) here, or do you want them via e-mail, Lee?

A set of threads has been opened


Posted by: Helsvell May 15 2016, 06:23 AM

Are you setting up a new thread for questions based on the new books? Such as if the starting character class does not have the ability to buy as 1st class (levwalker or Power Warrior) can they buy statuses without a points app?

Yes, but the status' are not based on your buy as but your base bracket.


Posted by: iainwimble May 15 2016, 12:55 PM

Serins Bound Spirit Of Death when using a undead it destroys it and so does that Miracle break Wardpacts and Neutrallys ?.


If it's your own undead no


Posted by: OxMatt May 15 2016, 09:48 PM

Just checking - has Enhanced Divine Guidance been removed and therefore qualifies for a respend?





Posted by: Estarriol May 22 2016, 10:27 AM

I believe there used to be a rule that you could only have two statuses. What's the rule now?

Never been a published rule about status'.
You can buy the published ones as per what the books say (it's different for each book).
Life, power, live to minus, from status' doesn't stack.
Beyond that you can have as many as you want.


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