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entry Sep 7 2009, 10:47 AM
Had a right result this weekend! A trip down to my parents place and poking around in the loft turned up a couple of bags of costume.

Jacket, trousers, cloaks, tabard, ammo belt and, perhaps best of all, a pair of dagger still in good condition.

That should be enough to kit out my FG and my Scout..ok so they might look a bit similar in costume terms but its a good enough starting point.
Strangely my wife has quite taken to the idea of my caving again. She's pretty handy with needle and thread and has offered to make any bit of costume I need..she even suggested getting one of those DIY ringmail kits and she'd be happy to sit and put that together. Tempting biggrin.gif

1 week to go and pretty excitied about the low on 13th. Got the character sorted, just working on a background now.

entry Sep 4 2009, 12:14 PM
Its funny how attached you can be to a piece of paper and card.

I've sent off my yellow's for GSM review and now have a nervous wait to see what comes back. I don't think I had anything you could consider silly or overpowered but things have really changed quite a bit smile.gif

Oh well!

On the positive side of things I've got all the suppliments now, a bit of reading to do but there have been some really cool changes to EP users..hurrah for that!
I'm quite looking forward to playing my FG again, and now my wife has even suggested I should treat myself and buy some nice stuff too biggrin.gif

Shopping for actual armour is fun! Always wanted a nice physrep and now I've got the cash and permission to get some

entry Aug 28 2009, 09:40 AM
oh boy am i looking forward to this now.

Just got off the phone to Jo in the office about getting hold of publications and soon got talking about other things...notably playing an FG, her druid, people, system etc etc.
So nice to talk to people in business who actually take part in both sides of it and are genuinly enthusiastic about the product (and lets be honest the caves is a product).

Now I have all the sourcebooks I need on their way to me...shame the druid book is in reprint, will just have to wait for that to come out. The changes that have been made to EP classes certainly sound great! Of course thats made me a little more nervous about getting my points req's signed off again.

I also started shopping for costume again. New pair of tabi boots and a monks robe (which I'm sure will make me look an idiot) on their way. Still need to get hold of a good base for non monk class. Found a nice gambeson but it looks expensive.

Now if only I can get hold of bo-sticks!

entry Aug 21 2009, 06:47 PM
Business travel is such fun isnt it....the glamour of it all....staying in a hotel on expenses.

Or should that be: see the inside of boring airports, sit next to annoying people on a plane, stay in a hotel with no air conditioning in the rooms (when its 32 degrees outside) and have to watch every penny you spend incase you have to justify your spending.

Yes, thats right, I got to travel this week. 24 hours in Brno (Czech Republic) including a 5am start so I could be in the office training people by 7am.

Still, it gave me the chance to surf the internet looking for costume.

Booked on a low on the 13th. I didn't want to play my post 8th guys before at least getting back down the caves once and getting a feel for it again, I also only have the handbook downloaded so I can't play my FG because I have no idea of the verbals or how much has changed.

I quite fancy playing a monk. I never got round to one in my first stint and the always looked cool.

Been surfing looking for weapons, trying to get a pair of Bo sticks but can only find a £60 pair so far. Also looking for costume as mine is all gone. Seen some good bits but nothing that really stands out to me. Still got a bit of time so no rush just yet. I also plan on picking up some good all round pieces. A gambeson will do me well...something to cushion the blows and a good base piece for most of the characters I have in mind to play.

Thats the good thing about taking a long break. I now have the cash to spend on getting some good costume pieces instead of making do with home made stuff! It was good at the time but I was always jealous of people with the cool looking costumes and armour....though not sure I fancy spending £150 on some proper leather armour just yet.

Any good suggestions for costume sites is appreciated!

entry Aug 17 2009, 10:01 PM
ok...so I dug out my folder with my characters in. Funny how you end up keeping some stuff isnt it!

I had to carefully unpeel my cards from the plastic wallets they've been in for 12 years. I only lost a little bit of text thats now permenantly stuck to the plastic.

So here is the inventory:


Zylo - my forest guardian
8k in money (if its still even usable)
4 items which blew up in 1996 (damn)
an armor card with 6 uses left on it
2 yellows which will need to be signed off again (fingers crossed on that)

Socrates - scout
1.3k in money (if its usable)
a BV4 and a BV6 potion which must have gone off by now
3 yellows (a multiclass courtesy which Paul Chapman helped create for me and still makes laugh and two recipes for funny potions)

A 7th level Budoka...nothing interesting
A 5th level Priest (my first ever character)...nothing interesting


oh dear....this isnt so good. Apparantly latex weaponry doesnt appreciate being sat in a loft for years. My scimitar (that I had to save money for) is beyond repair. My daggers have vanished..probably ended up in steve's bags along with my hood (a nice black one with purple edging..can I have it back please Steve!) Still I do still have my buckler. A pretty nice shield also I appear to have my MC leather armor phys rep - a t-shirt with leather scraps fabric glued onto it. I remember going into the leather jacket shop in Crawley and asking if they sold scraps. Nice guy gave me a very large bag of off cuts for £10!

So it looks like I have some shopping to do before I can play again. Any recomendations for places to shop at for good weaponry and costumes?

entry Aug 17 2009, 09:43 PM
"Ahh your Radox's brother"

yes..that how many people knew me. Annoyingly so.

But for a lot of my caves life it was how I was known to many. In some respects it had a lot of benefits. Some of the 12hrs I monstered and campaigns I was involved in were because of Steve and they were some of the best storylines I'd ever got involved in. I doubt I would have been invited on some of the stuff without that and I'm glad I was invited. Some of the best times I had in my first stint in the caves were down to it but it would get annoying at times to be known as "Radox's brother". Sometimes I wonder if thats what its like to be a famous persons unknown sibling......

I guess I didn't help by playing a Forest Guardian at the time. In honesty though they were rare as hens teeth back then and seemed an underplayed class for something which could be really cool (once you took out the bit about having to defend druids and some ref's insisting that meant evil NPC druids too). A fighter class that could heal itself with a verbal less than 500 words (artistic license being employed here) what wasnt there to like!

I only got to play with Radox IC twice...one of those was on a 12 hour. It turned out to be just 3 of us out at j10 in the end...Radox xxx thousand past 8th Steve Louch..I cant remember the name of the character but I remember he was, at the time, leader of KOTL so again xxx thousand past 8th and me playing Zylo at about 200 points past 8th....on a no max......I played like a scout most of the day. Find monsters then run my ass off back toward the big boys before I got swatted like a fly. When it came to fights the ref was kind enough to place monsters around my level to give me something to do. I think originally it was supposed to be a Natural Trust guild day (one of the very first ones) but not many people were members then.
It was bloody good fun in the end and I didnt get totally creamed either. Probably because the monsters felt a bit sorry for me, oh well I'll take that!

entry Aug 17 2009, 04:55 PM
as it been 12 years since I last ventured into the caves I thought I'd create a little blog to track getting back into it all....probably boring [----] but hey, I trying smile.gif

a bit of history first I guess...

I owe most of my RPG addiction to my brother. I remember he got a DnD basic set for Christmas many years ago and we started playing. He got me into LARP as well...I still remember my fist every larp adventure. I played a priest with a costume made out of an old white sheet and pillow case for a hood. I spent ages going over the book and figuring out what I wanted to play and taking pointers from Steve who'd already been playing for about 18months (or more).

I remember the drive up to the caves and going down to the desk to hand over my forms and cash and then turning down the corridor and seeing the desks surrounded by people in costumes....strangely its the smell I remember most. That damp smell combined with silicon spray and musty clothing!
I was a bit in awe of it all and felt particularly small as people walked past in their armour....lots of faces and names I'll never remember.
But the adventure itself was fun...trying to remember you cant cast healing spells on Elves (no spirit as I kept having to be reminded) wasnt as much fun and neither was remembering all the spell verbals!
Still I was hooked and it started me off on several years worth of time well spent with friends.


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